We need special Game Guides for those of us who follow sports - a way to get a short list off bars and pubs with food and good hard cider in pints and draft that we can consult to follow the Sounders FC in and those other lesser sports like baseball (Mariners ftw!) and football (um, is it the Tiger Lilies?).

That would be nice.

And tell us how many giant screen TVs they have.
Ultimately I'd like to see some food writing that doesn't make me a pariah for being vegetarian or condescend in the "quaint novelty" voice when reviewing a veg. restaurant (mentions of "fake meats" and how close they taste to their animal counterparts, rather than reviewing the quality of the flavor/food itself). For the most part the Stranger does a decent job of avoiding these tropes. However, I have noticed that whenever there's a vegetarian restaurant to be reviewed, you always send the one veg person you have on staff. Mix it up a bit.
I DO agree that yelp and city search are sort of useless. I find many of them to be either venomous or completely pointless. Many individuals use them as a platform to bitch and complain with complete unaccountability and anonymity. There are also so many reviews that sound good, and then at the end the person declares, "it was ok. I wouldn't go again." How is that supposed help at all! I like to read the reviews of people who supposedly know what they are talking about and have some background and understanding of the restaurant industry. Most people do not.
I'm sick of looking up Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurants on Yelp and finding a bunch of morons who give the place 2 stars because they "just can't get into injera."

If you don't like the cuisine in general, you have no right to review or rate individual establishments that serve it! If half of Yelp writers can't grasp this basic concept, why would I trust any of their opinions?

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