Meet Nadia Abdelrhman, a Stranger reader who has vowed to do everything The Stranger suggests for the entire month of March. This is her last report. —Eds.

Unfortunately, for my last Suggests day, I missed happy hour at Ocho. I did make it there around 9 pm, though, and the bar was packed. As I had spent the entire day stricken with the worst hangover of my life, I asked the bartender to make me a good virgin drink. He used cranberry juice and ginger brew, and it was sublimely tart and fizzy. Off of the tapas menu, I ordered the Solo una Ensalata and Patatas Bravas. The salad was light and crunchy, and generally satisfying, but the deep-fried potatoes did not sit well with my alcohol-wrenched stomach, and I only ate a couple of bites. Ocho is a cool bar, the tapas menu is extremely affordable, and the drinks looked great, so Suggests approved. March had its ups and downs, but I had a great time, and would like to thank The Stranger for letting me in on this project.