You know about pork shoulder, right, the meat department wonder that deserves a crown? Sure, it seems unwieldy and tough and fatty and hauntingly pink. But you have a stove, don't you? And a big pot and some salt and some cooking oil? Then you—who perseveres through the grand recession—must have royalty over for dinner. It is easy. Purchase a pork shoulder (only about $2 a pound at the grocery store), salt the pork shoulder liberally and let it sit out for an hour, brown the dickens out of it over high heat, pour in a generous bath of chicken stock and some browned onions and carrots, insert the vessel into your oven at 300 degrees (275 if you're felling cray), and then walk away for approximately four to five hours. Blessed are the frugal and patient who shall feast on the tender ambrosia, having transformed the block into meat linguine and spirited away the fat and gristle. It's cheap. Bow down to the divine swine—thank it for its piggy sacrifice—and exalt pork shoulder to the throne! It's the King of Meats!