Food & Drink May 6, 2010 at 4:00 am

Poppy's Dana Cree Is a Magical Human Being

The lady and the thali. Kelly O


I have to agree. I have had over a dozen dessert thali's since Poppy opened. Sometimes we go for dessert after having dinner somewhere else. Absolutely amazing! Thanks you Dana and thank you Jerry.

I had some of what I think was her Nutter Butters at Chocolates For Choice 09' and went back for more and more all night.I pretty much ignored all the other treats after trying hers.It didn't hurt that I got to talk and flirt with her a bit too.
More over-priced mediocre yup food. Why not start out at the Dumpling Dojo for some over-priced but-oh-so-average dumplings, and finish up at this joint?
I just came a little.
I found the meal I had here to be extremely uneven. Some dishes were creative and excellent, others creative and mediocre, and one in particular was creative and completely inedible. This opinion reflects the majority of reviews found on other sites (e.g. yelp, epicurious, etc.). It makes me think that gushing reviews like this one might result from the connections that Jerry has in the local restaurant community, rather than an accurate reflection of Poppy's quality.
I was just there and enjoyed that very dessert tray she's holding. It was sublime. I loved it and *almost* the whole experience. The only thing that's a little off for me is the use of the word 'thali.' It leads one to believe that there is an Indian theme, which is misleading. This really has nothing to do with Indian food. They could just as easily call this 'tapas' and they'd be about the same amount wrong.

It's creative food, though, and very successfully so. AND I saw Jerry! OMG I want parsnip ice cream, Jerry.

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