Food & Drink May 13, 2010 at 4:00 am

Russ Flint of Rain Shadow Meats


I would like Russ to handle my meat.

And I'm a vegetarian!
Oh well I do eat meat and I will visit him. You must be jelous of me right now.
I've had poussin, baby back ribs, and a terrine of tete de cochon from him so far, and all were top notch. The beef and lamb looked good to. The various ground meats looked incredible. The big surprise thought: the prices. It was cheaper than the frozen grass finished stuff you find at the farmers' markets, and it wasn't much more expensive than regular prices at QFC.
I would like to make love to this person.
I don't really eat 4-legged meat, but he is super adorable.
this place sounds GREAT!
I've bought chicken and bacon from him and so far everything has been stellar! I'm stoked to have a responsible butcher nearby who can personally tell me where my meat is coming from. It's worth the price and the quality is fantastic. I'd been looking for a local chicken provider for a while and now I've found my man.
who did he sleep with to get this kind of embarassing kiss-fest?

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