According to Capitol Hill Seattle, the north Capitol Hill drinkery is closing on or about July 31.

They are looking for a new location, but still: the end of the Chia Pet! The Roanoke is known as the Chia Pet in honor of its exterior coat of ivy. From the inside looking out, each window has an extra frame of encroaching twigs and leaves; the place is dim and friendly and worn, like a tree house with drinks and pinball. The food—sandwiches, burgers, nachos—is surprisingly good. On sunny days, there's ping pong out back. On many days, people watch sports, but they do not get too rabid about it. I love the Roanoke. (Full disclosure: I worked there as a very shy, only semi-competent cook many moons ago.)

The heartbreak!

Thanks and condolences to Brad and Kevin.