Mmmm, more avenues for HFCS delivery.
I thought you weren't allowed to bring outside food and drink into McDonald's.

Next step is a full bar at Mickey D's. Think of the possibilities! McTinis. Big Mac on the Beach. The Grimace (vodka and grape soda).
If memory serves, the last time I was inside a McDonald's was in 1974. But booze - yeah, now that just might work.
I think I need a subscription to Beverage Digest.
Actually, this is a textbook example of why the American-style free market economy is ludicrous bullshit that is harmful to people. Even something as fiscally successful as McDonalds can't succeed without still more continued growth? What happens after cold drinks? Are they going to eventually encroach on pizza deliveries? Furniture deliveries? Private police forces? Military service?

Fuck you, Wall Street.
Don't blame the smoothie people. It all started when Starbucks decided to charge over a dollar for coffee. The beverage world then realized people would be fine with spending much more for their $0.05 raw material product than they've been charging, and profits started pouring in.

I'm just waiting for them to catch on the the $2 cupcake trend. Or maybe pass everyone up and start charging $1.50 for gormet ketchup.
$153 billion in non-alc beverage sales in the US?
$13 bil of that is specialty coffee?

you're right, the culprit is Redbull, not Stumptown.
It'll be interesting to see how this works. If they can sell that crap cheap, it'll work.

@ 2, today's bend-over-for-the-customer chain business will never do anything to risk pissing off a paying customer, no matter how rude that person is being. Hell, bring in your seven layer burritos, so long as you at least buy some mcnuggets here too.
Not surprised.

Once upon a time, I worked at a McDonald's for about 6 months. They make almost no actual profit from their burgers. Almost all their real profit is derived from sales of fries and soda. Slumping drink sales probably really hurt. Efforts to increase drink sales was sure to follow.
I'm sticking with Dick's for the SIFF month.

That said, I still miss those Cajun Chicken Sandwiches.
Of course, the ultimate Beverage Destination is the Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant.
I have this terrible image of sad, fat Americans drinking smoothies and frapuccinos with their Big-Macs. Is there no limit to the amount of shit people will put into their mouths?
Why are people complaining about the health value of coffee or smoothies or the price mark-up on them when this is in comparison to soda, which is massively unhealthy and has a huge price mark-up? A shift from one high-priced beverage with health concerns to another hardly seems like something to make a fuss over. And smoothies can even potentially be healthful, depending on what is in them.
Don't drink much coffee, but a McDonald's is the only reasonably priced thing near where I work: so hot coffee in the winter, and iced coffee (with non-fat vanilla flavoring) if the weather is extreme either way, and I need to be warmer or cooler.

Unfortunately, McDonald's coffee tastes burnt to me (is that an attempt to make it chicory like, or only crappy coffee?), unless buried under milk and too-salty vanilla.

But mostly I drink water, "flavored" with powered vitamin C: inexpensive and better for my health.
I'm waiting for McKombucha.
I would try McBeer & McBooze. Probably not McWine.
I love poor people in America, you can shovel all kinds of shit down there throats and they'll come back for more.
It's got McElectrolytes!
How about Roy Street Big Macs and McNuggets? Serving the same food but with a more neighborhood feel.
Mickey D's seems to already be doing this in foreign countries. I'm surprised to see that they're just now thinking about incorporating it into domestic stores.
I will admit I've had a McFrappe. It's the best coffee milkshake i've ever had.

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