"But what about second breakfast? And elevenses? Tea? Dinner? Supper?"...
I love Taco Bell. I'd eat it every day for every meal if it wouldn't kill me. I'll probably do this when I am 60. 22 more years to go!
Where the hell have you been? They've had the fourthmeal slogan for several years.
Does it bug anyone else that they use backwards 3's as E's in their font?
I really enjoyed the entirety of this post.
If it weren't for the sodium content, those "healthy" options they're promoting wouldn't actually be so bad.

That TM next to "fourthmeal" makes them look like such cunts.

Twas but two years ago this week that Denny's tried the same thing.…
I tell you, the bean burrito at Taco Bell is the greatest laxative on earth.
I'm confused. What if I have elevenses at noon - can I still have lunch?
...It was just as if somebody inside him were saying, “Now then, Pooh, time for a little something.”

“Dear, dear,” said Pooh, “I didn't know it was as late as that...”
I'm pretty sure the people who eat "fourth meal" aren't eating breakfast, so it's really just a different third meal.
Remember when "Super Size Me" came out, and fast food joints where scrambling to make their menus seem like less of a death sentence? That didn't last long.
Fourthmeal. Because Americans just aren't fat enough yet.
@11- good point, they probably sleep through breakfast. still might squeeze four meals in though. some advise up to six smaller meals. i have enough trouble keeping up with two or three. eating is a hassle- guess that's why they have drive-thru.
@2- is 60 really when you want to go downhill? you should be old enough to see how much life can be left after that. better to just eat crap when you're a kid and can have a chance to recover. supposedly fat/plaque starts accumulating in blood vessels around age 10.
@13, you win Slog for the day!!

I just downed half a Vince's extra large...sausage and mushroom.

Buuurrrrppp...and no, I don't want a taco.

For what it's worth, I was familiar with "fourthmeal" in boarding school, well before Taco Bell began using it. That's the term we all used for the week-nightly offering of milk and cereal in the dining hall from 9-10 p.m. (after study hall, before bedtime). Ah, memories.
The simple solution to this issue: Rename breakfast "tirednfull".

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