In place of the defunct (and super-cheesy) Club Lagoon on Broadway, Highline has opened for your vegan eating and drinking pleasure (brought to you by the owners of Georgetown's late Squid & Ink). Stranger reader-reviewer matthedog gives it five stars and says:

fuck yea

All kinds of delicious. Cheap whisky, good music, and habanero sauce. If your a vegan or an alcoholic, this is your place. Love it.

Been there? Review Highline yourself.

Meanwhile, in comments about the big crazy pork cook-off Cochon 555, there's a debate happening, asking (among other things):

• Does Seattle want to look at a photo of "someone stabbing the face off of a pig"?
• "Why must all you silly vegetarians try to push your silly beliefs on others?"
• "Does the fact that I care about animals mean I care about human animals any less?"
• Is eating meat "the equivalent of someone getting raped"?

If you care to: Join the fray.

The photo in question.
  • benjamin garvey
  • The photo in question.