The sun is shining. You're done with work. Gather your people close. There is no better way to postpone the depressingness of Wednesday morning than with a great, big, juicy, salty, stringy, pinky, porky pile of HAM. Snag a spot in the sunny front window of Barça and order the Mezze Plate ($9). You will receive mozzarella pillows with sweet roasted tomatoes. You will receive tangy peppers and highbrow Marcona almonds. But what you really want is the ham. Everyone is eyeing it. Grab it! Grab the ham!!! These people are no longer your friends—they are your enemies in the WAR OF HAM. Also, you are drunk. Summer is fun. (Barça, 1510 11th Ave, 325-8263. 5 pm–2 am, 21+.)