Uh, marginally poor name for a great idea. The read on that vendor truck looks a little too much like streetteatswa-dot-com
@1, I think that's the point. Pretty white girls and a double-entendrable caption = as good a business plan as any.
Very funny that you guys had to trump your hatred of fat people for your love of "street food". Prices are suspiciously absent on the online menu.
this version of "street food" just does not translate well only in that there are so many great bakeries in seattle. the novelty of getting a cookie off a truck just does not resonate well...and really, molly moon ice cream is merely ok. for ice cream - get ye to full tilt, they are getting better every day!
Stuff White People Like
Other than the chicks who run this business being kind of cute, why is this newsworthy? Are they friends of the Stranger staff?
do the cookies and brownies have pot?
@cliche, our cookies are $1.25 and brownie/bars $1.75. We have sandwich cookies for $2.75 and other items for $3.50.
@birdy num num, I agree there are a lot of other great bakeries in Seattle. Most of our locations are in areas/locations where there is not a lot of retail/eateries/bakeries within the vicinity. In addition, we are carrying Half Pint ice cream; a local ice cream maker; who sells at Farmers markets.
If anyone has any further questions or comments, I am willing to chat on email.
Thanks, Diane (Street Treats)

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