Three local meat experts are in Questionland all week, answering your questions about cooking, buying, preparing, and eating meat! Just in time for your Fourth of July grilling! We've got Wayne Johnson (Chef of Andaluca), Gabriel Lee Claycamp (of Swinery Meats), and Carrie Oliver (founder of Artisan Beef and the Oliver Ranch) all taking questions now.

Here's just a sample of what folks have already asked:

"Wooden cutting boards—safe for cutting raw meat or no?"

"I've been trying to cook some ribeyes up on my outdoor gas grill but they always just catch on fire and char terribly. Do you have any tips for cooking on gas grills?"

"Along the lines of mesquite, is there anything you put in your briquet BBQ? And what woods/items work best with which meats?"

So need some tips? Head over to Questionland and ask the meat experts!