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The Democratic Sublimity of a Good Chinese Duck

If one of their birds catches your eye… Kelly O


asia barbecue 665 s. jackson gives kau kau an all around run for its money. combination lunch box with two items 6.50 enough food for two meals..ask em to put it in a compostable folded paper box and they will. downside is that you don't really want to eat it there. take it home though and you're fine.
that is all
Ton Kiang at 668 S. Weller St. We even went for New Year's Eve, though the 6 formica tables and fluorescent lights really say "take out". Duck, BBQ, roasted pork (belly) and organic white steamed chicken. All excellent.
I like duck but then I noticed the author.
Oh Charles, I'd listen to you philosophically analyze the phone book. In a Marxist way.
That was the best review of roast duck ever written.
@5: Agreed.
Yummm. I'm drooling! And I just ate!
Harbor City is fantastic. It is in the heart of Chinatown and has all the atmosphere you want from an old chinese restaurant. The duck is great and the pork is very good too. Harbor City changed hands about two years ago. The new owners have kept up the tradition of high standards. I do miss the old days at Harbor City though....Pong taking orders, Chong cooking and Momma chopping the duck......
I'm with #1. Asia Barbecue trumps Kau Kau for me now.

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