when did angies' close ?
Just a week or so agoโ€”the liquor board declined to renew their liquor license, BOO. Apparently the owners are looking for someone to take over the space.
Grey Gallery closed? *Shakes fist at heavens* You bastards!
I wish it well, but after walking by its building and visiting its website, I don't have high hopes for a long run from the Bad Monkey Bistro.

This should not be on your homepage:
"Therefore, our only dress code will be no vulgar or offensive language or images on clothing, and no gang related attire. You are always welcome to wear a hat, jeans and a nice shirt. Of course, we encourage everyone to dress up a bit for dinner or for a live show, but it is not required. Our goal is to create a classy, hip, entertaining venue for everyone to relax."

Thanks for letting me wear a hat!
Some other bar/restaurant just opened in SLU. Maybe you already covered it. I haven't been.…
Juliano's closed? Damn. I'll miss the cheesy bread and the crazy conversations with him.

That website looks like a throwback to 1998. I'm surprised it doesn't have animated gifs.
Vito's on Madison is scheduled to reopen in August.
Can't really be hip and classy at the same time; mutually exclusive....
The Market Arms is nice, but god DAMN is it loud in there. Hard floor, all windows, brick wall, hard ceiling, no soft decorations -- you can't hear the people sitting three inches away, even without music on (if there was music, you couldn't hear it).
angies had been having trouble with fights and unspecified "illegal activity" apparently-- they had signs on their door shortly before closing imploring their regulars not to fuck up.
in way nicer words.
it was kind of heartbreaking actually-- I think it was one of the few places in Col. City older than 10 years.
When does the Elliot Bay Bookstore's new cafe fail to open?
Damn, Fnarf. What is it with Seattle bars and their FUCKING BAD ACOUSTICS? The Maritime Brewery/Jolly Roger Pub was a horrible place (great beer) in this respect when they were on Leary by the Ballard Bridge. A few months ago they reopened a few blocks West (and one South) in some nondescript newish building. The acoustics there are WORSE. Even when mostly empty, I can barely think in there. Except about getting the hell out.
@12: It's open, see the post above...?
Montreal is a wonderful city to visit in mid-September. It is past the tourist season, but the weather is still mild, and all the events and attractions are still going on. The people are great, and every hotel and restaurant seems to have impeccable service.

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