i have you beat on the easy sorbet front, without all the waiting time

use a bag of frozen mango pieces from trader joes. put about half to two-thirds of it into a cuisinart. add a third of a can of full cream coconut milk, along with sugar to taste. blend. add toasted coconut if you'd like, and then eat it! since the mangoes are frozen already, it comes out as a light sorbet/frozen yogurt texture

but your recipe sounds delicious as well, and i'll have to try it
Just another tip-because it doesn't freeze, adding a tablespoon or so of vodka or other alcohol before you freeze the sorbet will help the texture and make it a little easier to scoop once it's fully frozen. I'm making raspberry sorbet today!
@1 That sounds awesome! I am going to have to try that.
"Like 92 hot." You NW types are such pussies.
I've been trying to justify the purchase of an ice cream maker for a while now. Thank you Megan!!!!

Yup. They are total pussies and also complainers. And it's 92 w/o any humidity by the way...hahahaha. And they're using a/c too... hahahahaha. These people couldn't handle 80 degrees w/humidity if they tried. Stay in the NW people because your soft asses couldn't handle any other part of the country or the planet.
I so look forward to Dan complaining!
Use agave syrup instead of sugar. You can use less (its sweeter) & it won't spike your insulin levels.
I thought yesterday was lovely: 97 degrees, 60% humidity, no AC. Today may be the same, and that is okay, it is summer. And, my "soft ass" is happy here, just like it was happy in AZ and in FL. Happy is a choice.

Happy Sunday to all.
@6 It's hard to have no humidity when you live on the water.

Also, almost nowhere has AC in Seattle, we just don't need it often enough.
@3: here's the legit recipe if you want it. i replace pineapple with mango because i think it tastes better, and i don't toast my own coconut flakes because the main point of this recipe is that it's quick and easy. hopefully it turns out well when you make it!…
Megan, the idea of honeydew sorbet is driving the taste center of my brain wild. Must have.
This has got to be one of the best SLOG posts, and responses, EVER.
It's a ghetto treat but: get a big bag of very juicy green grapes. Toss them in the freezer till rock hard. Pull off a handful or two into a bowl; rinse off 2-3 times with cold water, drain -- but let the remaining water freeze around the grapes. Suck on them till the outsides are soft then chomp away. The ice will keep them cold, and the combined mix of sugary slush and frozen grape juice is divine on a hot day. I eat frozen grapes all summer.
@16: Yeah, it's a little déclassé, but I'm a frozen blueberry girl myself. Goes back to my childhood when we'd pick blueberries in Renton and then freeze 'em for the rest of the year. Num!
@4 @6 Thanks for being so hardcore. Truly, the world is inspired.
It's really easy to talk shit to PNW residents from your cozy A/C workplace that you go to in your A/C car from your A/C apartment. Must be rough to live in the South.
Sounds delicious. Another way to beat the heat is by going swimming in a mountain lake. It was really cold, but it felt fantastic.

the weather is a cool mid 70's to low 80's in NYC today... NYC for the weather win!
@20 yeah, what was all that bragging about how great the weather is compared to NYC?
Have to go to a seminar in Vegas tomorrow :(. But I battle the burn with Dry Soda cucumber, Rose's lime juice, and gin (preferably Hendricks which has a cuke taste or a citrus one like Tanquery Rangpoor). Over ice. In a frozen glass. Like a Gordon's cup but way easier!

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