Some days, you cant unwrap them fast enough. That sounds weird too.
  • "Some days, you can't unwrap them fast enough." That sounds weird too.

New York City now has a store devoted to Pop-Tarts called Pop-Tarts World. Here's more, including this great quote:

"A Pop-Tart is a childhood memory in a rectangle," said Dana Cowin, editor-in-chief of Food and Wine magazine.

A childhood memory in a rectangle! That sounds weird. Personally, I have a dislike-shaped memory of Pop-Tarts: They are way too sweet and way too dry. Putting them in the toaster merely adds a molten element to the unpleasantness.

As Andrew Shripka, senior brand manager for Pop-Tarts, says:

"There's really nothing else like it... We ask consumers all the time that if it didn't exist, what would you replace it with? And really, they have a hard time coming up with anything."