Absolutely not. I condemn the shit out of this.
It is an abomination! Get thee to a Munnery!
Is this a rack to put in the oven or over a fire? Everyone knows you don't toast the graham cracker, just the marshmallow!
It appears to just be a rack for making s'mores, so I'm totally pro. S'mores at home!
I dunno... s'mores on the grill is kind of a fantastic idea... but you roast the marshmallow, not the grahams.
I'll allow it as long as it never comes within a thousand yards of me.
I can't believe 34% of Slog readers are allowing this. I'm so disappointed.
I agree with both Will and Fnarf.

I'm scaring myself.
Perfect S'mores... in Just 5 MINUTES!

Regular S'mores don't take that long.
I voted to allow it when I thought the food was included in the package. After learning it was just a wire mesh I regretted my vote.
This stupid trend of "Condemn or Allow?" polls taking over Slog: Condemn or Allow?
@8, you can't -- we don't agree. I voted "allow", with the stated caveat.
@12, your caveat is the problem.

The vague libertarian in me says, fine, allow, so long as I never have to witness it. Nobody's forcing me to buy it. No skin off my back.

But the kid in me says it is a total abomination. It should somehow be an illegal affront to all that is good about childhood camp outs.
Never understood the appeal of S'mores. Eating molten marshmallows off a stick, I'm all for. Wasting that between some waxy milk chocolate and a fuckin' graham cracker that's gonna crumble everywhere on the first bite? Only a jerk would bring graham crackers camping anyhow. Lame.

I hate marshmallows. Much better than s'mores is the campfire twix: caramel cube on a stick, slightly melted over the fire then placed delicately between two saltines and a hunk 'o chocolate. mmmm.
As seen on TV:
Uhhhh allow. Because it comes with a marshmallow syringe so you can inject your s'mores with "goodies". Also, I think my lease has something in it about not starting trash can fires, even for a good cause. This is my ONLY option.
@13: Where did Bill the Cat go? I like Calvin and all, but I voted for Bill and had a Billy and the Boingers record.
I'm with @14. Never understood the appeal of s'mores. Not even with apple slices on them. I think it's the terrible chocolate. Toasted marshmallows are great, but leave the rest at home.
I really want s'mores now (real s'mores, not this ridiculousness of course).

Forget Hershey's and graham crackers. Use those little schoolboy cookies, silly.
I condemn.

I love burning my marshmallows. I don't understand people who brown theirs.
@11 Condemn or Allow is the best thing to happen to Slog since Traffic Report.

@22 I totally agree with you and I will never understand people who don't like burnt marshmallows.
@11 Condemn.

Seriously - does WM actually get paid to post these stupid polls?
this can not compete with the best indoor s'mores ever:
golden grahams, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips. prepare as regular rice krispy treats, but with the chocolately goodness added in at the end.
does anyone remember that about 20 years ago, they had microwavable s'mores? I mean, someone else has to right? I was only like 7 or 8 at the time. anyway, they were terrible. I'm sure these have to be better than those abominations.
white trash s'mores: nuke the marshmallow for 11 seconds, smoosh between graham crackers and dark chocoalate bar, and enjoy. you can even get the burnt taste if you nuke the marshmallow long enough, and it's fun to watch 'em expand.
Smores require fire roasted marshmallows and Hershey chocolate.
I dunno... I think this is kind of genius.

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