Food & Drink Sep 9, 2010 at 4:00 am

The Bountiful Goodness of Nettletown

I like you. Kelly O


Love this place. The salads are always good too. My family loves the bread pudding - we get it on the weekends for brunch! And the two eggs with potato cakes. Delish!
Elk is my favorite game meat, and probably my favorite meat of all kinds. Yum! Thanks for the tip.
I would gladly suffer our transit system from...oh...say...Burien even, for the Berkshire ribs over some noodles, or perhaps the knoepfli with cabbage, leeks and bacon. The short ribs do not care much for their bone once Nettletown has had their way, though it's sweet of it to stick around and remind you of its flavoring duties. A haiku for the short rib bone: You have done your job
Now you sit there like a log
Why can't you be more like your (delicious) brother

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