Food & Drink Sep 23, 2010 at 4:00 am

The World's Greatest Sandwich, New Orleans, and a Man Named Matt

The man, the truck, and the beignets. Kelly O


I swear the secret to the bread is in the water of New Orleans. It doesn't taste right even if it's made in Baton Rouge.
Matthew! Where yat?? We are proud of you. Spread the word and share the joy of NOLA. Makes me want to come to Seattle.
Come find Matt at the Queen Anne Farmers Market on Thursdays, 3 to 7 pm. He's the real deal.
More north Seattle locations, please, Matt! I'm already addicted to your beignets.
Check out Where Ya At Matt? at the Seattle Mobile Chowdown 5, held at Qwest Field, Friday October 1st. @followfood206
The first time I tried Where Ya At food... I was AMAZED! You just aren't supposed to fall in love with pork. But that Spicy Pork Sandwich makes my mouth water... just thinking about it makes my lips wet and the rest of my body sweat, the perfect spicy! So, one good sandwich... nope... every bite that I have tried, or stolen from a friend, has been totally delicious. The Shrimp Po' Boy is an instant classic and that Muffeletta is so surprisingly yummy. Seattle, we are blessed! Gumbo and Biegnets... this fall in Seattle.. could be heaven!!
didn't seem that great when i went there yesterday; got gumbo and a shrimp po' boy.

the po' boy is served on a glorified hot dog bun and was drenched in a mayonnaise-y sauce. and why is he using romaine lettuce when shredded iceberg is the traditional topping? as it stood, most of the lettuce feel off the sandwich and the "dressing" made the crust on the fried shrimp soggy allowing it too to fall away. i was hoping for a sandwich similar to what i'd had at domilise's in new orleans but the closest i guess i'll come to that here is captain blacks.

and the gumbo was a waste. actually, it could have been serviceable had the rice not been crunchy and the andouille not seemed like it was wrapped in paper. not sure if it was old rice that they were hoping to get rid of or they just didn't cook it long enough but cooked rice should not crunch. i ended up picking through the container looking for the okra and trowing everything else away.

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