I love Ballard. This is way so much more beautiful and charming than downtown and Capitol Hill and all the other places I’ve been here. Maybe because I went there on a sunny day. But I went to Haiti twice, and it was sunny, and I didn’t like it. It was too American-like. But Ballard is a relief. No huge threatening skyscraper casting its dark and cold shadow upon you. You are in a city, but it feels like if you were in an agreeable village. So lovely.

My love for Ballard has been multiplied by my random discovery of an umbrella shop. That has been my secret quest since I experienced my first huge rain in Seattle. I’m not afraid of the usual mist and fog, but this time, it was raining cats and dogs. And it didn’t stop. And I was only wearing a T-shirt, that was soon wet. I had to buy an umbrella, but I didn’t want the common black one. Being in Rainy City and buying a black umbrella in a grocery store? Unworthy of me. If it deserved its nickname, there had to be specialized shops dedicated to umbrellas in each street. But the only shop you have at every corner is a Starbucks Coffee. Disappointing. But I didn’t give up and my hopes were rewarded by this shop where I found the parapluie of my dreams.

I met the umbrella of my life on my way to Besalu Café. Finding my umbrella was a positive sign, like if all the angels above were trying to tell me that this was the place. Alas! It was not. For sure, the croissant is very good, but the classic baguette does not fit to my taste. I might be picky, but if you want to achieve quality and perfection, you have to. Given the size of the croissants in Le Fournil, I can’t understand why so many of you wait in the line for some pastry from Besalu. God thanks, there was no such line when I visited the place.


But you may love Besalu very much because it is in Ballard. That, I can understand. The tiny little shops on Market Street are much more enjoyable than those big corporate companies boutiques downtown on Pike and Pine. And Capitol Hill is full with freaks, which is not bad, but I wanted to see some fairies, too.

I give this place a B+.

Good points:
• Ballard
• Taste of the croissants
• Cleanness of the place

Bad points:
• Taste of the baguette
• Too many praising reviews and comments made this place a bit disappointing