Vuong Loc
Owner of June
1423 34th Ave, 323-4000

So you're the owner of Madrona's newish Vietnamese-influenced French restaurant, June. You also own the slightly pricier and more traditionally French Portage on Queen Anne. How would you describe their differences?

They're actually priced about the same. Portage is more classically French. The design of June is a little more urban and comfortable. It's partly inspired by the month of June.

You served homemade strawberry ketchup for summer and have now transitioned to beet ketchup for fall. What ketchup does winter have in store?

We've also done carrot and corn. I think we're planning to do a citrus ketchup, like grapefruit. You get the sweetest grapefruit in winter.

Tell me about your preference for unusual cuts of meat such as necks and tongues.

I like the rich flavor and versatility of the meats. You can brine them, they're good for ragu—but mainly I prefer them because they're so flavorful.

What is your least favorite food?

I love all food. I don't think there is any ingredient, prepared properly, that I wouldn't eat.

June's house-made chocolate doughnuts are widely beloved. Where is your favorite place in town to have a doughnut?

Pike Place Market.

Oh, you mean Daily Dozen? Where you get a bag of tiny fresh doughnuts?

Yeah. Those are probably my favorite. My wife and daughter are the doughnut people, though.