Faire Gallery Cafe-Bar

1351 E Olive Way, 652-0781

Description: A completely gorgeous lounge and art venue on Capitol Hill.

Namesake: Faire is a heavyweight French verb that means "do" or "make." It's used all the time in a variety of ways. (In the case of Faire Gallery, "faire" alludes to the expressing of creativity and the establishing of relationships.)

Other "faire" usages: Directly from Olivier Leroy's A Glossary of French Slang: faire le grand soleil (to have one's horse turn a somersault), faire la fenêtre (to entice passersby from a window), faire le coup du père François (to murder furtively by means of strangulation).

Happy hours: Daily 5–7 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $1 PBR, $3 Heineken, $4 select wine (2005 Mosen Cleto Crianza), $4 well drinks, $5 select cocktails, such as the Nutella Martini (made with Nutella liqueur, Baileys Irish Cream, and whipped cream).

Happy-hour food specials: $1 popcorn (with Parmesan black pepper), $3 half sandwiches, such as the Jessixawich (turkey, avocado, tomato, and provolone on a croissant), $4 appetizers (cheese plate, bruschetta). recommended