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Cheeky Cafe's Improvements on Old-School Favorites

Kelly O


Cheeky Cafe is awesome. I think we've tried nearly everything on the menu since they opened and have loved pretty much every single thing. seriously.
Wish they still had their "Trio" dessert (3 small tastes) but understand the reasons they don't do it anymore.

Everyone we've introduced to this place LOVES the Mac and Cheese, by the way. Our most recent favorite was the Cheeky Burger, but then, their Wednesday Oxtail soup is incredible too....and the "Okonomiyaki" are amazing...the salads are awesome, I could go on and on and on....
You should seriously give it a try - brunch on the weekend, lunch, or dinner....(and their house wines and beer choices are good too)
Cheers! Roscoe and Penny
(oh - and the name is May. Not Meg. May) and the other owner is sister Wendy.
It is a great place and they do have a way with food! few months ago, I gave them my grandmother's recipe for Mexican Albondigas soup (well, the healthier version I made for years) and when we came for dinner, they had an exact and delicious version of it! I was honored. These folks are GOOD--they love food and it shows. We also had the okonomiyaki, sweet potato fries and... something else that was delicious. We have to go back soon... it is only a few blocks from us.
This place is great. I submitted my grandmother's soup recipe to them a few months ago and they did a fine rendition of it! They love food and it shows.... we can't wait to go back soon.
This place is great! I submitted my grandmother's soup recipe to them a couple months ago and they served it as the soup of the week and it was great. They love food and it shows. We had a great dinner there, and look forward to coming back soon--it is only a few blocks from home, too.
I have also enjoyed this restaurant the two times that I've been and am glad to see this positive review. I'm curious, however, why the writer would characterize it as being in the ID when it's clearly in the Central District. Perhaps some of the bad connotations people have of the neighborhood would prevent them from traveling from other places to eat here? I'm not sure, but we don't get many new restaurants opening in the neighborhood, especially ones with a growing reputation like this, and I would have appreciated having the neighborhood correctly stated to bring positive attention to the CD.

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