"I don't know. A soda or something."

This alone sold me on this place.
@1 - "I'm a felon" is what did it for me.
I hit that place up on those days when I feel the need for a lunch that is 95% meat. Delicious.
I still need to check this place out.
Sadly, the father of that little girl died of his injuries Saturday night. He worked for SubPop:…
More on the forum at
"I'm a felon." No, honey, you are a hero. We've all done things we'd rather not have. The past is past. The future is what we make of it and you're making a grand one! We are - every one of us - proud of you.
This man really is a hero. We lost Andy but his daughter's life was saved by Frank, who tore metal from metal to get the car door open. All of us at Sub Pop are profoundly grateful for this man's strength and courage. Please go and eat a shitload of French dips!
Frank/Kenny is a FELON. that doesn't cancel out because he saved someone from a burning car. Anyone standing in the same place would have done the same thing. I'm sure you'd feel different if you were scammed by him out of your money or your vehicle........???
too bad they're closed. NOT. Frank/Kenny is a FELON and a user and a money stealer. I hope they catch him.....all you ignorant people that have never been scammed by him need to shut your pie holes. If you have something that he steals from you then disappears......this is INHUMAN and not right. He will NEVER pay his back rent and taxes. He will never pay to whom he owes money. EVER. He only cares about himself. The bottom line is anyone standing there would have saved a 3-year old from a burning car. He is not a hero, he is a felon in 3+ states and you all need to pull your heads out and figure that out. If you weren't scammed by him then you don't get a say. Period. That is all.

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