I like the summary of comings and goings, keep it up. And not to nitpick, but Impromptu closed like last January. Is now home to the Independent Pizzeria,
With Via Tribunali closing in Belltown, can that effect the Croc's liquor license (assuming that they qualified for hard liquor on the basis of having Via Trib's food offerings)? How loose has the WSLCB become on that "must have food" requirement for hard liquor?
Cheesesteaks in Pioneer Square!
I'm sad to hear that Lombardi's closed. My husband and I had our first anniversary there. Oh, nostalgia!
RIP Madame K's.
@1: The Independent Pizzeria is listed in the post! It looks good—have you been?

@2: The Croc is still selling pizza, it's just not Via Tribunali anymore. Confusing, I know... I'm guessing Via Trib. was a little too rich for Croc-goers' blood and that the pie costs less now, probably more by-the-slice, Big Mario's-style. I'll find out...

PIZZA! I am now hungry for lunch.
Any word on what is taking Lombardi's place??
Any word on what is taking Lombardi's place??

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