Failed to preplan your oppressors' feast? The divey 5 Point's got you covered: big bird and all the sides with pumpkin or pecan pie for $25 (with happy hour from 6 to 8 am, if necessary). If you're feeling fancier, Earth & Ocean at the W Hotel will feed you a $65 dinner (Terra Blanca wine pairings: $30) with multiple classic or contemporary options for each of three courses (e.g., roasted salt prawns with Anson Mills polenta and bacon pan gravy or smoked Vashon Island pastured turkey with chanterelle-hazelnut stuffing and cranberry chutney). Bonus: a take-home box of house-made petits fours, cookies, and candy. And if you must be vegan on this day (ingrate!), Plum Bistro promises a "traditional" T-giving for $35 per person—wine and booze to ease the pain cost extra. (Call ahead! Info at