Starting your morning at Arabica Lounge, the coffeeshop/lounge/hangout at the corner of Denny and East Olive. It's been open two months and seven days. Before that, there was a Supercuts here for 25 years.

I just ate that thing you're looking at—broiled eggs with toast and crispy kale. It's called Broiled Eggs with Toast and Crispy Kale al O'Quin, named for one of the baristas here, Kyle O'Quin, a musician in Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground (playing tomorrow night with Damien Jurado and David Bazan at the Showbox) as well as Wild Orchid Children as well as being a classical pianist in his own right. He was blasting Shostakovich's fifth symphony on vinyl as he was opening up shop this morning, and then Beethoven cello sonatas, and then Chopin, and now we've moved on to Elliott Smith's New Moon. According to Arabica Lounge's owner, Jojo Corvaia, the Seattle band Midday Veil listened to their new album on vinyl for the first time while sitting here at Arabica. Corvaia walked over to the stack of albums behind the counter and pulled out the Midday Veil album; it's signed on the back.

There's a lull and O'Quin and Corvaia sit down to some toast and coffee and stare out the huge windows at brick buildings, trees, cars, black bus wires cutting across gray sky, and the peach-colored pizzeria across the street. "Man, I hate that sign, that sign right there," O'Quin says, pointing to a sign that Bethany Jean Clement once referred to as a "hate crime of signage."

All morning O'Quin has been trying to convince Corvaia that an upright piano is the next thing this place needs. He's been looking around the space and pointing to places that it could go, trying to convince him that in lulls between making coffee he could sit down and play. When one of them asks what I'm doing on my computer I tell them I'm writing a Slog post about how great my breakfast was, and Corvaia says, "Mention that while you're here, the barista asked the owner to buy him a piano."

There's also a menu of beer, brut, ciders, reds, and whites. I might stop in again on my way home from work.