YAY! i loathed those bougie holes! ("appateasers"? a sin worthy of death.)
I walked by Chao Bistro several times in the last week and it was open. I know it was open for brunch on Sunday.

Doesn't mean it's not closing, but it wasn't closed all of last week.
I asked to be taken to Kurrent last year on recommendation of a Stranger writer and it was one of the worst restaurant meals I'd ever had. So I feel for the laid-off staff but am not surprised it's gone.
@ 3: you were recomended to Kurrent by a STRANGER writer? we live in dark, strange times, indeed.
In the glimmer-of-hope department, if not in time for these establishments: the Restaurant Performance Index just ticked up to its highest point since the bomb dropped in January '07.…
Frankly, I've felt so robbed going out to restaurants in Seattle the past few years, that I generally don't anymore. And with the Great Recession still in full swing, it really doesn't shock me that upscale places are having a hard time surviving past the third course.

I remember when restaurants used to last for years and years. Any way of bringing back My Susie's Oriental Lounge, the Jade Pagoda, and the Dog House?
@ you used to go to the jade pagoda to eat ?.. food ?
Buh-bye 'Table 35'. Where 'familiar food, moderately priced' meant '45 minutes for an unremarkable > $12 hamburger with only one other table to wait on'. And nothing on the menu if you don't want something 'heavy' beyond a 'side salad'. West Seattle didn't really need a cross between 13 Coins and West 5, minus the personality of either.

I really hope the meatloaf / burgers / Mac n cheese / chicken-fried gravy popper / $10 hot dogs trend in startup restaurant menus goes away soon. If I want 'home cookin" I'll cook at home.
that table 35 location is cursed.
maybe there should be a thread for that... addresses in Seattle where one should NOT open a business.
@9, the corner of 1st and Union would be at the top of that list.
@10, I pass that corner often, and Japonessa is filling tables like none of its predecessors ever did, lunch and dinner, day after day after day since opening, so fingers crossed.
@3: REALLY? Which Stranger writer?! I will chop off their head on your behalf! The food at Kurrent was barely edible!
I have also heard good things about the new tenant of 1st and Union. Cheap and delish is what they say. I am a cheap bastard, so when I go out it is for pho or yoshino teriyaki.
Way to be on top of a story Slog. Table 35 closed over a month ago. You've once again proven if it doesn't happen within a 10 block radius of Pike and Broadway your lazy bloggers couldn't give a shit! There's more going on in Seattle other then what happens on the Hill you know.
If a restaurant isn't honoring discount certificates, and has a two-week interval for renewing its liquor license, and doesn't update its website to show it's no longer honoring discount certificates, is it close to flatlining?
Table 35 did not die because of its location. It died because its service was abominable. Ovio Bistro fared pretty decently and folded, not because of its financial viability but because of issues in the personal lives of the (very nice) owners.
I miss Ama Ama. Yes, the service was spotty, but the seafood was high-quality and varied. Now there's no decent place in West Seattle for seafood if you want choices beyond salmon and halibut.

That's a tough corner. If the only gay bar in West Seattle couldn't survive there, I'm not sure anything can.
Good riddance to Chao. Horrid food (frozen peas and carrots in entree dishes--really?) and worse service.
I never went to Kurrent for food, but I did enjoy it as a bar whenever my friends and I were roaming Capitol Hill. Sad days!
I was at CHAO on Wednesday night before Turkey Day and it was pretty full. DJ spinning some music and a bunch of drinkers in the bar..
i was at CHAO Wednesday nite before Turkey Day. DJ Spinning music and a bar full of people. Sure seemed open to me.. HA HA

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