I have a new favorite apple. It's called the Aurora Golden Gala apple. It does not taste like seedy motels and hookers, it tastes like apple blossoms, honey, and summer. It has a lovely pale yellow skin, a light, perfect crunch (comparable to the Golden Delicious), and it's not quite as juicy as the Honeycrisp, but I was getting tired of Honeycrisp juice dripping down my arm all the way to my elbow anyway.

These Auroras are really fantastic. And I've eaten nearly a dozen of them by now and have yet to encounter a bad or mealy one.

Here are some more facts courtesy of Wikipedia:

Aurora Golden Gala is a cultivar of apple selected from a cross between the apples 'Splendour' and 'Gala' made at the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre (PARC), Summerland, BC. It was named in 2003 in a nationwide "Name the Apple" contest. Aurora Golden Gala is a yellow dessert type apple, it harvests mid-season and has exceptional eating qualities. Fruit is medium in size, is very crisp, juicy, aromatic, sweet, and it stores very well.

You see that? A "dessert apple" (yum!) with "exceptional eating qualities" (yum²!).

It's been fun, Honeycrisp. I hope we can still be friends.