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Pioneer Square Becomes a Living Monument to an Extremely Tasty Art

And the Calozzi family steak and cheese. Kelly O


Great article!

People are voting on their neighborhood favorite here:…
Based on this review, I gave BuiltBurger a shot today - really good burgers! If you're coming down here to get sandwiches, however, you really ought to walk just a block or two further to Sub Sand (on 6th, near Jackson). They're really tasty, there's a lot of variety on the menu, and they're quite affordable. Plus, the owners are super nice!
you may be able to get a nice sandwich at pioneer square at lunch time, but the place still sucks after sun goes down.
" locally sourced beef and organic toppings and buns? "

do you know that for a fact?

nice journalism here. is this in anyway more than a blog post buy a drunk college kid?
It's still funny how around lunchtime every weekday the pioneer square quiznos has a huge line. With all the other options for food during the day down there why on earth are so many people going to quiznos? I can only guess that it's the brain dead suburbanites who have to work downtown being drawn in by the safe and easily recognized corporate logo, eschewing all other considerations for sustenance in strange and scary Seattle.
I work in Pioneer Square and usually don't have time for lunch - but after work I'll head to Delicatus. It's the only one of these sandwich places with a full bar, and it's open until 8 or 9. Win win.
Yeah, I came to the comments to hype up Delicatus, too! I live pretty much right next to it now and it is fucking outstanding.
Oh, you covered Delicatus last time! Whoops.

Didn't The Berliner replace the Pioneer Square Quiznos?
Builtburger is so good. Personally, I disagree about the bacon/bleu burger. I love that it doesn't have that stretchy bacon to deal with, I often end up pulling that crap out. With the bleu cheese and bacon IN THE PATTIE(!), it's perfect every time.
@5 and @9, yeah, The Berliner replaced Quiznos, but have the same owners. Believe it or not, these "corporate" eateries are owned and operated by locals.

But really, sometimes, you just want a sandwich. It's not some huge political decision made by scared and brain-dead non-city dwellers. Also, they have free re-fills on fountain drinks.

Time for lunch.
I had high hopes for the Berliner, but I found it disappointing. Chicken was super dry. Honestly, it felt kind of like a German/Turkish themed Quizno's. I'll try it again just to make sure I didn't hit it at a bad time. And it's certainly a bit better than Quizno's. But for this sort of rolled sandwich, the Falafel truck in Georgetown is a much higher fidelity experience. It's worth the trip. Just had one yesterday. Falafel sandwich is better than the meat one there imho.

Man, I miss that middle eastern sandwich dude on Broadway (in the convenience store near Urban Outfitters that has also housed some pizza joints). It's a shame he got detained/deported, because he could make one hell of a middle eastern sandwich (baked his own flatbread, made amazing mango chutney, etc.). He was an artist with food.

Beyond that, if you are going to eat a meat sandwich in Pioneer Square, I don't know why anyone would go anywhere besides Salumi (except maybe the line out the door).

I always end up trying these other local sandwich places when they get a good review. But most of them end up being maybe one click above a Subway, Jimmy John's, Quizno's, or the deli counter at the QFC. I know there are a lot of these places on the east coast too, as I used to live there. But the truth is, they weren't good out there, and they aren't good here either. You can certainly get a big sandwich at most of these places. But you rarely get a good sandwich there.

Thanks for the heads-up on this place! I popped in and grabbed sammiches for myself and a co-worker today and was mightily impressed! The Philly is perfect. The onions are so thin and so completely cooked you can barely detect their presence except for the amazing flavor they add. Just the way I like it!
And the staff is great! Super personable and friendly. The pipsqueak working behind the counter was a dollface.
A little disappointed that both parts of this story left out Grand Central Bakery, by far the oldest sandwich slinger in Pioneer Square. Love their regular menus (Obama was onto something with the Turkey Chutney), and they also have fun seasonal specials. I was ready to give up meat for their Tofu Cubano.
Calozzi's is great! Totally amazing & authentic Philly cheesesteak. Late night after drinking - it's the best.
Awesome food

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