Well this doesn't do ME much good!
Until you get food poisoning from their burgers, making you puke and shit constantly for 4 days straight. Good luck with that!
The Spady Family, owners of Dick's Drive-In's are corporate supporters and board members of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation (Seattle's very own odious right-wing "think tank") and are the enemy (through support of charter schools) of freely available and excellent public education.

I used to spend money there 2-3 times per week. I'll never eat there again.
Stay out of Wallingford, deadbeat!
@4: How does that square with how they treat their workers? I've heard they're a terrific employer. Is that not true?
@6, you mean the health and dental insurance, educational scholarships, childcare, paid community service hours, better than average wages, Change for Charity boxes at every store?

For some customers, the way some members of the owning family spend their clout and personal income completely outweighs all that. And that's fine.
i ate at dick's yesterday - later, i had "issues". as usual.
Eff You, Constant. I'm making my yearly batch of Hoppin' John as I type.

Southern Fried Rice. Mmmmmmmmm Good.
all you vegan hippies can stay the fuck away thank you, we fans of dick's drive inn don't need you dirt bags there anyway. as soon as i get home from our winter condo in jackson hole, i'm gonna be in the mood for some deluxe and fries with a shake. all that snow mobile riding, skiing , and snow boarding , and hanging in the vip bar will have me in the mood. yes it was great making you all miserable in the check point this year, and i all-ways schedual my vacation for just after christmas so i don't have to deal with you stinking been in the airport for 4 day's asses. and yes we drove the diesel hummer to wyoming . fuck those air planes! all these record snows across the globe totally illustrate how bad global warming really is (oh the poor polar bears!). too bad that scam didn't work out for you commies. no one is ever gonna buy that shit again. see you on the side walk hippies , as we drive by with the tv's playing blue ray movie's in the nice warm 4x4 monster truck we enjoy sooooo much!
Welcome to pretty much every Sunday lunch for my mom's side of the family.
I'm from Illinois and it's a superstition/tradition to eat ham and beans for your first meal of the year. I was going to do that but then I read today's stranger suggests and decided eating at Dick's would be easier.

Congratulations. You've got a convert.
You know, Dick's isn't really that cheap anymore. I mean it's low-cost compared to dining at a restaurant, but the value menu at McDonald's is way more affordable. Dick's is kind of 'expensive' fast food.
<<< *knows about this place because of a Sir Mix-A-Lot song*
@4: There is "excellent public education" available in Seattle? Maybe north of the ship canal, but some of the south end elementary schools really suck.
Eat at Dick's, and you too can look like Paul Constant.
@13 McDonald's isn't fit for human consumption. Dick's sometimes is.

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