• Kelly O
And, as I point out in this week's Chow section, delicious vegetarian and vegan things can be found at the new St. Dames Cafe in Columbia City. An excerpt:

The vegan mac and cheese ($9.25) was even more satisfying, and it came with a less overwhelming heap of greens. The pale orange "cheese" sauce was rich and creamy, thickly coating every microscopic iota of the penne pasta (nut-sensitive folks be warned: Cashews are one of the secret ingredients). The only thing it needed was a little crunch—maybe some bread crumbs or even seeds. Vegans love their seeds.

The portobello fake cheesesteak ($10.25) was another hit, accompanied by a giant heap of fries (no kale). The fries were thickly cut with the skin still on, and they tasted good, but they had hardly any crunch to them: sad. But the sandwich was a revelation: slices of mushroom, red pepper, provolone cheese, and perhaps the most tongue-scorching sandwich spread (made with jalapeño and Vegenaise) known to humanity, all shoved into a wonderfully tender house-made baguette.

And while they hadn't mastered dessert during my visit, some of you readers are claiming to have had a much better end-of-meal experience:

I was at St. Dames tonight and had a slice of chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting — it was off the hook! And vegan to boot. Absolutely delicious.

I had the chocolate cake last night too -in the snow! It was really, really good. Both the cake, and watching the snow swirl outside of their big windows.

They served bread pudding last night and it was amazing!! Plus, how has no one mentioned the fried mushrooms yet?! Totally life altering. Love this place!

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