Crazy fuckers.
u b trollin' with that picture, and you know it.
Bethany knows that the only thing more irresistible than bacon is sweet, sweet trollbait.
Sarah Palin = Stranger food writers = trolls = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Some of the most smug, self-righteous assholes I've ever met were vegetarians/vegans. The rest of us aren't laughing at you because of your dietary choices. We laugh at you because you think your vegetarianism/veganism somehow makes you a better person. If you miss bacon, then fucking eat it. Or don't. Either way, please shut the fuck up about how hard your life of privelege is.

All this thinking about meat made me hungry. I'm off to grab a slaveburger with rapebacon for lunch!
I plan to ride to this with my critical mass group. We are going to cork I-5 and take pitbulls in our bicycle trailers. Our jerseys are all going to have the cover art from Atlas Shrugged and we will be carrying concealed pistols in our spandex, with the proper permits of course. We have all agreed not to talk about the Dan/Lindy subject.
I don't eat meat because I don't like it, but people aren't going to stop eating meat because someone wants them to, so isn't it better to encourage people to want to be aware of where their food comes from?
Nothin' better than a big ole pulled pork sandwich!

To make it go from great to amazing then have it Eastern North Carolina style.
these pigs wouldnt be alive if we werent eating them
"It denies an animal's interest in living his/her life and ranks our culinary preference above another being's interest in not being killed..."

what about a plant's interest in living, in not being killed? nothing exists that WANTS to be killed but they are killed so that other things can live. for these vegetarians/vegans that want to stop the killing they can start with their own plates. stop killing plants for your selfish biological needs!

Jesus. Was not vegan.
"nothing exists that WANTS to be killed but they are killed so that other things can live."

By merely existing, you are increasing the entropy of the universe. Every second that you are alive, you are contributing to the eventual destruction of all there is, especially with that weird twirly hippy-dancing. Why do they want to hasten the heat death of the universe?

We can raise more pigs. We can't raise more universes.
If one is going to eat an animal, it is in best taste to eat all of it, hence the removal of tissue from the animal's face. But if all you fucking hippies would rather the butcher just throw that meat out... well... eat a dick.
Something must die so that I may live. This is simply the way of the universe. I may eventually be eaten by another animal, and while it would upset me to be killed, I can't hold it against a mountain lion if he wants to eat me. I feel the same way when I look at a deer. I'll fight back as hard as I can because it's in my self-interest, but hey, I know his motivation, and may the best beast win.
@14, actually, most fucking hippies would rather reduce the brutality and cruelty inescapably associated with meat production than get upset about photos on some blog. If people can't see the differences inherent in the brutality toward sentient creatures that we inflict and growing crops, there's not much one can say other than they're just being juvenile. Don't confuse a number of Slog writers' and commenters' baiting contempt for vegetarians and strawmen stereotypes with the real reasons most folks choose to go vegan/vegetarian. Bethany's just an asshole who strives to paint vegetarians as freaks.
@16 vegans are just assholes who strive to paint normal biological humans as freaks.
So you saw a butchered pig's head. Boo fucking hoo!

I'm constantly inhaling your noxious, ozone-depleting veggie farts, but you don't see me whining to The Stranger about it.
I find a butchered tomato just as disturbing as a butchered pig... both are normal food items... eating processed food is the truly disgusting habit that people need to stop
I eat meat, and enjoy it. I went vegetarian for about a year and a half, about a decade ago, but just did not have the willpower to stay away from delicious meat. But these vegetarians have a point, which is more than borne out by the comments so far. When confronted with vegetarian arguments, an amazing amount of people respond with nothing but ridicule and a sick kind of glee in raving about how great bacon is, how that pig looks delicious, etc. I've also noticed that it's very much a male/macho thing - make of that what you will.

Vegetarianism makes a ton of sense for ethical, dietary, and environmental reasons. It will never make meat-eating go away, will not solve all our problems, and of course its proponents can be just as arrogant and idiotic as anyone. At the very least, can we agree that animals can be raised and slaughtered in a more human fashion? Can that not be our lowest common denominator from which to start the argument? Why the glee in killing animals?

Let the attacks begin.....I don't care. I'll continue to eat meat, though I'd like to eat less; and I'll continue to know deep down that it's really nothing to be proud or boastful about.
Vegans have nearly ruined Seattle.
It's a religion for people with control issues complete with pleasure denial, guilt and self-righteousness. I'd trade our vegans for Xtians, because at least the women aren't into misandry and the their cookouts rock...AND I'M A PAGAN.

Also tends to occur in more affluent settings. Most poor people would NEVER HAVE THE LUXURY of choosing not to eat meat. Dense animal protein is what fuels people through 12+ hours of backbreaking labor or a 15mile hike to the clean water source.

You're not saving the world, assholes, you're just annoying the shit out of people and missing out on yummy bacon.
Reg wins the thread.

I was a vegetarian for 17 years, but never really thought that my choice should be something that changes anyone else's behaviour.
@22: Yeah, but the men are into misogyny and the parties suck.

And in general, whenever I hear the "suffering" of animals compared to slavery, that offends me.
Internally inconsistent, denialist, willfully-ignorant meat-eaters who make a game out of meat and howl and guffaw their disdain for anyone who is a vegetarian of conscience... are just as obnoxious as humorless, paper-thin-skinned, stridently moralizing non-meat-eaters.
Here in Baltimore we have a wonderful Mexican restaurant that serves up a whole pig on a buffet for special occasions. It's roasted over an open fire, and delicious. The meat falls off the bone.
What 21 and 25 said.

Any time vegetarianism comes up, you always get a raft of jackasses who think that, because their feelings were hurt by some nasty outspoken vegetarian/vegan at some point, the proper response is reactionary bullshit that stops just short of celebrating animal cruelty.

Eat what you want and let other people eat what they want. It's a pretty simple idea, but assholes on both sides seem perpetually incapable of understanding it.
I used to think it was an interesting idea, forgetting about the meat that's sustained generations of humanity because of how awful and horrible the capitalist economy treats life, but I came to realize that my issues with meat had nothing to do with murder, and everything to do with sustainability (we should always have more salmon this year than the last, no matter how delicious). You can't sustain yourself on a diet high in animal fat forever, my grandfather's death is a testament to that, just like you can't sustain humanity when so many treat animals without respect. If the farmer you're buying the meat from, be it McDonalds or Burger King, treats the animal it's serving you like a piece of meat, run away and I would go so far as to say it should be illegal, if they treat it more like the kobe beef in Japan with the massages, that's sustainable in smaller quantities. It's also not the most common form of meat consumed, no other country will take our beef, that should tell you something!

It was when I learned that the majority of vegetarians do it exclusively for social reasons, for, not hurting the animals because we're animals too, that really turned me off. They get on their high horse, talk about how this one "farm gave strange sicknesses to all the animals" and they think the only way to farm, or at least what it will always become. I've given pause to their idea, I will agree with them that the majority of mammals larger than us don't deserve to be hunting out of existence, but one day in my future I'm going to be living on a large plot of arable land. This land will contain chickens that I later intend on eating. I will treat them with the same loving care I give to all creatures, even more so because this one's going in my mouth. I don't put strange things in my mouth, not since I was little.

So anyway, if you really want to scare people out of eating meat, the last thing you need to tell them is that it's murder, because that rings hallow, the people who care about that fact will already be in your group. You know what's made me eat 90% less meat than I used to? That video of how salami is made. Where they take some kind of pink gunk (mixture of blood and bones?), wash it was ammonia and add tons of salt to make you forget that it was meat. When I come to learn that the tastes I'm into are really just artificial I'll find the substance elsewhere, or cut it out entirely. I do see a pig, I just understand that my ancestors used this pig to survive, and the idea of a person thousands of years later continuing on the tradition of eating meat doesn't surprise me. If you only hope for the irradiation of meat, they're just going to come out with new bacon products to piss you off. And it does, right?

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