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And a Man Named Pookie Who Makes It

You can smell the sweet smoke for blocks. kelly o


This story made my day. I am so excited to eat at this place.
What a story, I wish you had a picture of the African kings and queens.
I didn't see the Kings n Queens picture.... I was too busy tasting the food.

Derek! Go! Get the ribs! A++++
Hm, I wonder if The Twilight Exit allows take-in? That would totally solve the "cold beer problem"!
I live close by and it does indeed stink up the whole area. In a good way!
I've seeen more than one BBQ place in this space (Seattle lifer). I caan hardly wait to try this place.
"His ribs aren't "falling-off-the-bone" soft..."

Thanks for saving me the horror of ordering the ribs here.
I didn't have the heart to write up a downer review on Yelp for this place, but it really isn't very good. If you do go, order a sandwich; seems to be the best deal. Nice guy. If business does pick up, I imagine his food will get better for lack of sitting around all week.
@9.. i've been here more than a few times ..different days and different times.. i've never had old food..or food that's been sitting out for a week.. and..
that the meat isn't falling off the bone tender doesn't mean that it isn't tasty or tender at this man manages to have near perfect - at least for me- ribs is pretty special.. but nobody, including me, like there..
I stopped by today but he was closed due to a "medical emergency".
@11, I think one of the hallmarks of a good barbecue joint, in the northwest at least, is some irregularity in hours. You want it to be run by a guy like this, not a corporate outfit with a great logo and trademark symbols on the menu.

But anyone who mentions the "theory" about "Bar-Beer-Que" deserves to be smacked on the head with one of those pool cues. "Barbacoa" is the correct answer.
I need to check this place out!
kinda reminds me of the OK coral in greenwood. Hopefully it's a little more organized.
I am SO on this. Thank you, Brendan.
LOVE BBQ! Can't find a menu online, any vegetarian options?
Thunderchaps, if you want vegetarian BBQ, check out Uncle Mike's in White Center. My meatless friends have raved about the vegetarian options there and all the sides, including the incredibly savory greens, are meatless.
Vegetarian options? You'd be entirely missing the point of going to a BBQ place.
@12: I went back today and it was closed again. The same sign was up, stating there was a medical emergency and they would reopen tomorrow. Today is yesterday's tomorrow, and they were closed yesterday for the same reason.

My point is, this place is DEAD TO ME.
@13: We can only hope it's better than OK Corral. I so want (wanted) to like OK Corral, but it just wasn't good.

My brother used to live really near this place, so I'm assuming it's in that space across from Twilight Exit that used to be a BBQ place back in the day. Seems like all you'd need to do is put good BBQ in that space and it would be a goldmine.
I can't defend the Q at OK corral, but their greens are fanfreakintastic, or at least they have been every time i've had them.
A friend of mine tried the place and was very dismayed when Pookie wouldn't let him order anything with sauce on the side, the true test of good bbq.
@16 Yep I like that place but Roro's tops my list right now. They have more filling on the sammiches.

@17 Ha ha! Completely untrue! Thanks for playing, though.
Ribs should NOT be "fall off the bone" tender, they should be "pull away from the bones easily" tender. Rib meat that doesn't cling to the bones until gently pulled away is overcooked.
One way to tell is that the rack loses it's body a bit, and the meat pulls back from the rib ends. It shouldn't be "smoked stiff." When properly finished the rack will bend nicely but not double when held in the middle.
One suggestion if the ribs are a little underdone (teeth are okay, but you should never need cutlery with properly cooked ribs) would be to bring 'em home and finish them in your oven.
Is the OK Corral STILL open!? I like the guy that ran/runs the place on a personal level, but he saw no problem with telling me he uses ALL types of wood in his pit, including broken-up pallets and other soft woods. That isn't proper BBQ.
WOW, just noticed this article is 3 years old! Is this place even still open?

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