POTUS at Top Pot!
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  • POTUS at Top Pot!

Mighty O versus Top Pot (versus some surely inferior doughnut-makers from Colorado and Virginia)—IT'S ON (the Food Network, tonight!).

· Mighty-O's doughnuts—certified organic, preservative-free, zero-trans-fat, un-artificially-colored and -flavored, cholesterol-free, and vegan—get 4.5 stars from Stranger reader-reviewers.

· Top Pot's doughnuts—40 kinds, dairy- and egg-laden (but zero-trans-fat)—get 4 stars from Stranger reader-reviewers (and are officially approved by President Obama—no word on what Michelle thinks).

*Mighty-O spells it "donut," as does the Food Network; Merriam-Webster, Top Pot, the President, and I all strongly prefer "doughnut."