Signs are so technical.
  • Signs are so technical.

Moved up with important updateszzzzzzzz... the health department: UPDATE! Ballard Street Pub, which the internet does not recognize the existence of—maybe it's this place?—for operating without a valid permit. UPDATE UPDATE! We emailed Kate at, and this place is called Ballard Ave Pub, and the health department also had the address wrong. Kate called the health department, and they subsequently updated their wrong info and sent an email saying "this establishment is technically named the Ballard Avenue Pub located at 2236 NW Market St"—those technical actually correct names and addresses! Now we may all go back to sleep.

And UPDATE: Oriental Deli To Go in Renton, closed Monday for various reasons including "poor personal hygiene," has reopened.

Still shut down: Marco's Supper Club in Belltown (no permit) and Seattle Sausage in Pioneer Square (no water/handwashing facilities).

Official closure/reopening info over here.

(Meanwhile, Slog tipper Kevin says Maruta Shoten is back in business. He ate their sushi, and has since shown no ill effects.)

(And UPDATE from comments: kinaidos reports, "Also I've had at least four bowls of brisket curry from Bistro 663 since it was reopened, and have had no ill side effects whatsoever (aside from the ones that come from eating what must be a 1200 calorie lunch)".)