Food & Drink May 18, 2011 at 4:00 am

A Trip to Lummi Island to Find Out What All the Fuss Is About

And anyone who’s any kind of gourmand wants a seat at one of his tables.


Wow, what a stunning review. I love that they're someplace you have to get a bit off the beaten path to get to but will make a point to be there in the next month. Thanks Bethany
My dad pronounces the L in salmon. still tastes yummy.
Okay--now I've GOT to drive out to Lummi Island!
Especially when I see it every day across the bay!
My wife and I have been to Willows Inn many, many times over the years. It was incredible then. It is incredible now. This is one of those reviews that is bittersweet to see... one less secret of ours, is OUT! Although I only skimmed through the review, I didn't see where it mentioned the "movie room. There *was* (my guess is that it's still there) a downstairs movie room filled with old and very comfortable couches that smell like your grandparents house. Locals and mainlanders come here to mix it up with the mainlanders to watch games and movies. This place is NOT to be missed. But don't tell anyone else!! Shhhhhh : )
Bethany, you are SUCH a good writer. Please publish your collected reviews. Soon!
No please don't publish! French stations in Vancouver? All one or two of them? You're turned this Canadian off to your writing and this restaurant!
One of the best restaurant reviews I have ever read! It was like a happy foodie version of david lynch writing.
Wiktionary: gourmand
A person given to excess in the consumption of food and drink; a greedy or ravenous eater.
B-B-B-B-B-Blaine is H-H-H-H-H-Hot!
We ate here 2 weeks ago had the same menu and were completely underwhelmed. The guy needs to learn how to use spices and things like broth and butter when he cooks. The food had little taste and tasted like a pile of fresh veggies thrown together. The overpriced $14 a glass wine was also annoying. Seriously, if you have eaten really REALLY good food you won't be impressed and will wonder why so many are writing these ridiculous reviews about such average fare. And the extra cost to stay at the average inn just so you can eat at the restaurant will REALLY irritate you.
I find it so interesting that such a well-reviewed restaurant, with such an emphasis on using local ingredients, uses coffee roasted by a relative behemoth of a company in Seattle, when there are plenty of great Whatcom County nanoroasters. C'mon Blaine, check out Hammerhead, or Bellingham Bay, or Moka Joe.

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