Is your slogan—"Pizza we can believe in"—meant to imply that your pizzas are somehow more plausible than average?

It means we use ingredients we believe in—local ingredients and hormone-free cheese and milk.

Do you buy ingredients from other White Center businesses? I think a particularly interesting pizza could result from collaboration with Stan's Adult Superstore.

I would collaborate with Stan, he's a great guy, but I don't know what kind of edibles he has. We just started selling root beer from Zippy's Giant Burgers.

Do you have any appropriately garish tropical drinks or invasive snake species to go with your "Real Hawaiian" Spam and pineapple pizza?

No, maybe we should start serving one of those Hawaiian beers that are popular right now. Big Al's IPA goes well with it.

Do you ever have the ham and egg pizza for breakfast?

No, because I'd be eating leftovers, and there's no reason for me to do that, but I hear it's excellent reheated.

Would you make a green eggs and ham pizza upon request?

Yes, with arugula. recommended