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Convenience, Excess, and Sheer Bad-Assedness

A proud transplant approves. Kelly O


hey,what's up there fruitcake? Wow! that sounds like a cool joint!!! i am a total tough guy,and i like to talk shit about anyone or anything,(example:walk in and say:hey,what about a grey or yellow dog in this shack?),and i do not fear death, where is this place? i would love to go there!!! by the way,whats the toughest joint in seattle right now? one more thing... i don't mind chicago but..i perfer detroit,many people clam its also a hard ass city to live in... this revue sounds like its from new orleans(RIGHT after katrina) instead CHICAGO...
You bet.
as somebody who greatly despises the term "the shit", their italian beef sandwiches are THE. SHIT.
what did you put on your fries ?
My favorite Weiners Circle memory:

A young boy with round glasses was standing sheepishly in the corner of the waiting area, obviously terrified. The lines were really long and it was pretty late at night. Eventually he side-steps the line and politely asks one of the women behind the counter if he could have his french fries. His voice was one of the most timid voices I'd ever heard. Her response: "FUCK YOU, HARRY POTTER."

So mean there, sometimes.
This article reads like it was written by someone who needs to move the fuck back to the midwest already.
LOVELY READ, Brendan. I miss the food terribly.
Jesus I'm sick of Chicago transplants with their neverending yack about the superiority of Chicago junk food - pizza, hotdogs, hamburgers. Nice airport, but I wouldn't live there if you paid me.
For what it's worth, I'm not a Chicago transplant. I only lived there for a year and some change. But the city impressed me.
@7&@9 Classic small-town inferiority complex. Perhaps others have something outside of their little pond that brings joy to their life (what a novel concept). Let my guess your Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, or South Dakota transplants? If so, I apologize, for Seattle must have been your beckoning savor for a long long time with no ambitions outside of that. Carry on you cute little sad souls ~
Yeah, nice place if you like a bunch of racist dick heads...
"Which brings us to Taste of Chicago,...a robust Chicago dog—tomatoes, green relish..."

The traditional "green" relish condiment includes FD&C yellow and blue dyes, so as to create the curiously-vivid green effect that would not naturally be.
Detroit's tougher.
Baghdad is tougher.
Baghdad is tougher than pussy-assed Detroit.
People from Chi-town and Detroit have that Macho Man complex as they have to endure lake effect winters that make ice cubes out of tough guys real fast? People from these parts know what a cold toilet seat is as they don't need to climb Mt Rainer to get ice sickles on their anus. Yea if I need some tough guys to crash Beijing or Moscow or L.A. I would go with Chi-town? Any of the multi colored Eskimos who populate the great lake regions are some serious seal hunters.
I love Taste of Chicago, but that was a terrible review. I don't think you can even call that a review when 3/4 of it was spent rambling on about Chicago.
@18, did you read this part?

...I wish I could tell you how the hot dog tasted. But in my memory, the conversation eclipses the cuisine.

And that's the way it is with Chicago food...
pussy juice. somebody needs to market that.

"Nice airport"

Stopped reading there.
Taste of Chicago blows and is nowhere near as good as the wiener circle. The bun was stale, the dog was cold and it lacked all that is necessary in a good Chicago dog. Don't even get me going on their so called Chicago Italian beef. I have given this place 3 tries and now they are out.
tell ya what... I'll take a fistfight with some Detroit jackass any day of the week over pulling knives outta my back from some pretentious Seattle pussy. I've known hardcore gangsters back home with better intellectual articulation and a fuller travel log than most of these frontierland idiots. BTW there's nowhere near enough diversity out here for you people to even begin to understand the difference between racism and being able to poke just enough fun at each other to survive living closer to each other than you are to your basketball team (oops). That said... Taste of Chicago is about average from the typical joint back home. (Paul's being my fave there; but I digress) It at least keeps the homeland sentiment at bay when the sorry excuses for museums you got out here aren't cutting it. And don't worry. I won't let the door hit my ass on the way outta here. Its a beautiful city here, but the people here are the ugliest I've ever met across the rest of the country. You might have to look up from your shoe-tips to see that, though. Don't go breakin' your neck tryin' either...
Convenience, Excess, and Sheer Bad-Assedness!
Fluff! Hype! style! Grace! mode! nich! fad!

do it scream Chicago or do it whisper Detroit?

America has "NO" fricken values when it comes to anything!

As for the dream of a place that puts the taste of Chicago on your taste buds? more power to ya and more Bad-Assedness to the dream and please open one in Belltown next.
As someone who's lived in Chicago, has eaten at Taste of Chicago and is moving back there in a month, I have to say that this review is about as accurate as you can get. If you want to appreciate Taste of Chicago, you need to understand what Chicago food is, and it's much more about the attitude and spirit than the flavor.

Seriously, if this review doesn't mean anything to you, the food at Taste of Chicago won't either. It's really nothing special, but it's authentic and it feels like home.
My favorite only-in-Chicago food scene unfolded when I took a visiting friend to a dog joint on the Near West Side.

There's one guy in front of us in the line, an ordinary looking white dude. He steps up to the counter and calmly speaks his order for a dog, fries, and a drink.

The gal behind the counter says nothing the whole time, then looks up at him silently for about a second.

And then she asks him, "Don'tchoo fuckin' eat *anywhere* *else*???"
I notice we was recently mention in the recommended section. Taste of Chicago closed Sunday morning January 29th at 0300. We are in the process of relocating to Tacoma and re-open in the summer. The commute to Seattle has become too arduous. It has been a real struggle to bring real authentic Chicago style fast food to Seattle at a reasonable price. While many other restaurants claim to offer authentic Chicago style food they would use local product and cheap substitutes. We had all of our products shipped in from Chicago from the Vienna dogs , old style beer, to the Jay's chips.

We will miss all the loyal customers and the new friends we have met. Please check our website and social networks for updated information on the new restaurant. Looking forward to satisfying your craving for great authentic Chicago fast food in the south sounds. In the mean time we are still available for catering.

The TOC family

Taste Of Chicago

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