Food & Drink Jun 22, 2011 at 4:00 am

An Interview with the Man Who Makes Awesome Handmade Pasta Lunches Inside a Gelato Shop

Kelly O


Great to read your article. Loved Lecosho and finally made it to Il Corvo on Monday and had the cavatelli with ham and snap peas, finished with lemon basil gelato. Next time I'll check out the charcuterie...the pate that day looked delicious. Truly delightful and love seeing someone "live a life of purpose".

Don't think about it - just go! Weekdays 11AM-3PM and bring cash only.
If you're not eating lunch at Il Corvo, you're paying too much for not good enough.

(or, like me, you don't work downtown)
wow... you weren't joking about his blog making a vegetarians eyes bleed. It's awesome! Nice interview. He definitely sounds like someone that's found his passion.
All that they had left at 1:30pm today was a linguini with some kind of meat, and I asked for it vegetarian. So basically I'm just eating linguini with a simple spicy tomato sauce, which normally I'd be irritated to pay $9 for. I cannot be too emphatic on this point: totally worth it. I'm glad it's cash-only; that will help prevent me from going there every single damn day.

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