• The Facebook of Pizzeria 22 West Seattle: Named in honor of Naples pizza shop Ventidue (which means 22 in Italian), Pizzeria 22 is the neighborhood's first place for wood-fired, super-thin-crust, Neapolitan-style pie, made with both local ingredients and Italian imports. Pizzeria 22 is owned by Cary Kemp, who also owns mobile-pizza-venture Inferno Catering; his pizza bona fides are pretty damn good, including time at Via Tribunali, Snoose Junction, and Pizzeria Pulcinella. Also: Pizzeria 22 looks nice inside, and there's a full bar.

It's at the intersection of California and College, on the southeast side of the building on College Street, across from Blockbuster. Happy hour is right now, too, with $1 Busch tall boys and $5 pizza (the latter goes for two hours).

In two(ish)-block radius news, tonight's the last night for Licorous/Shophouse (sad), but that space soon will house the bar Canon (happy). Also! Ba Bar is now supposedly opening on Thursday (yay!).

Oh wait! UPDATE: Also now open: the Forge Lounge downtown, located on the pedestrian-elevated-walkway-thingie that leads from 1st and Marion to the ferry terminal. It is a bar with a "relaxed industrial revolution theme" and quite fine-sounding sandwiches, ready and waiting for the pre-boarding drinking and eating needs of those who might find Commuter Comforts not quite relaxed-industrial-revolution enough. It actually looks pretty basic and totally pleasant, and one of the owners who was going inside to do some last-minute construction stuff on Saturday was really nice.

I'm hungry.

Thanks to Eater Seattle and Capitol Hill Seattle blog.