Sounds like it might be the next best thing to Chili Works in Los Alamos.
That looks delicious, I'm 3 blocks from there and want one now.
Miki and Yuki rule. That is all.
The two sisters who run that place are the best! And they love dogs!
Blu Water Grill has decent, if small, breakfast burritos.

Bang Bang's looks good but a burrito that needs a fork and kife is just wrong.
Maybe not technically a burrito, but the migas at Portage Bay Cafe in the U district is pretty good.
Thanks for telling me where to get this when I visit the folks. One of the few benefits of living in Wyoming is that the Hatch people come up here and sell their chile in the summer, so I can freeze masses. Green chile (not chili) and delicious breakfast burritos are common here, too. I'd trade it all back for local produce and fresh seafood, though.
That looks like a great NM-style burrito. I will be checking it out.

For me, the standard is Nico's in Tucson, AZ. Bacon, potato (hash browns), egg, and add hot sauce as you work your way down. I haven't found anything like it, anywhere else...but I've gotten pretty good at making them.
That looks like the best breakfast burrito ever. Must go there asap.
I nominate this as Slog post of the week.
Royal Booze n' Burritos in the U-District serves a good breadfast burrito on their weekend brunch menu. (Or at least they did at one point, I haven't been in there since football season.) But it was really good - eggs, onions, peppers, choice of meat (chorizo!), and tater tots for the potato component. Combined with their awesome house-made hot sauce, it was one hell of a breakfast.
Gorditos also does a decent breakfast burrito. Cafe Racer has one as well, but it's not quite as good as Gorditos.
@7, Sweet Jesus, I am horrified that I misspelled "chile," which is odd because I've grown pretty resigned to misspelling most things.

I think it's because if my grandmother finds out about this gaffe, she will slap me. So please, internets, PLEASE DON'T TELL.
veggie sausage is so much better in breakfast burritos than any other form of sausage.
I believe the answer you are looking for is "Because Breakfast Burritos are almost always terrible beyond reason."

Dry eggs, bland beans, pasty, stale tortilla, weak-sauce sauce, vaguely nauseating aroma. But that one does look pretty damn good...

For my money though I'll take Chilaquiles or Huevos Rancheros at Senior Moose in Ballard.
They serve a passable breakfast burrito at Luna Park in West Seattle.... it's not what I grew up with in NM though.
Cienna, you can misspell anything you won't, you're still the ultra-babe goddess.

Thanks for the hot tip, hottie tipster.

They used to serve an outrageously good breakfast Calzone at the deli/restaurant in the former WAMU building at 1201 Third Avenue (now the number one criminal corporation on the planet, JPMorgan Chase, a k a Rockefeller & Company), which was always sold out if you didn't arrive early enough.

Curiously, they stopped selling it??????? But ain't that always they way in the Corporate Fascist State where a legitimate business just can't fuction???
While I love breakfast burritos, that thing is too god damned big for breakfast.
FUCK. YES. I'm from Colorado and I've been dying to find a decent breakfast burrito in this lovely, awesome, BURRITO-LESS town.

I finally snapped a couple months ago and started making my own to freeze and bring to work in the mornings. They're not restaurant quality, but they're enough to keep me from burning a Jalisco's franchise down...

In an hour and for $10, I can make about 20 breakfast burritos.
Cienna- I have been on the same quest! And, my conclusion matches yours. Bang Bang seems to be the only place in this entire goddamned city that sells breakfast burritos. That are remotely worth eating, anyway. Bonus points for the sweet staff.
This is one of the best cafes in Seattle. The burritos are phenomenal, and I wouldn't miss the Vegan Mac either. It's incredible. Honestly i have no idea how they do it. It's neither too greasy nor too heavy. I'm not vegan and I still order it half the time I go there.
Fucking fuck, that looks good. Fuck.
Roxy's in Fremont has a decent breakfast burrito. Now you know!
Breakfast Burritos are what I call a "white person problem". The breakfast burrito is designed for poor farmers in a poor part of the world, with virtually no tools, technology or training, to make easily. I make breakfast burrito's all the time, and I'm virtually incompetent (my diet consists mainly of kraft mac & cheese) and I get my ingredients from Pathmark.

it should be an outrage that you had to track down Breakfast Burrito's when you could have made them in your kitchen just as easily.
Bang Bang is great, and has fantastic vegan dishes as well.
Agua Verde in the University District serves breakfast burritos. They're not cooked to order, but are tasty enough as takeout.
VEGAN MAC 'N CHEESE!!!!! I'm not even vegan and I always order it.
crab foam.
Casa D's in Bellevue (102 Bellevue Way near Bellevue Square) not only has GREAT burritos but it has a breakfast burrito on the menu. I'm more of a lunch/dinner burrito kind of guy so I haven't tried it yet. Honestly, Seattle, the drive is negligible--no worse than driving to Ballard from anywhere.
@8 - so glad you know Nico's in Tucson! I unfortunately compare all breakfast burritos to theirs... Guess I'll try this one but I'm not a fan of beans in my burrito and it looks like there are some in there. Also rice in burritos - I find a place that does this is trying to skimp on goodness
My favorite is getting the vegan breakfast burrito and have them add their delicious vegan mac-n-cheese to it! Hands down amazing!
get the vegan breakfast burrito and have them add their vegan mac-n-cheese to it. you'll be in a delicious food coma heaven with each bite!
Sorry but that is not a proper breakfast burrito. None of the above suggestions are proper breakfast burritos...

@26 Agua Verde is an insult to Latino cooking and should never be spoken of again.

I spent the better part of a year searching for a true to form breakfast burrito that was made to be put in a tin foil wrapping and not on a plate and found only two in the entire city.... and @24 I am definitely no white girl. Chunky Monkey out on 90th and Aurora had a great breakfast burrito but sadly they closed. The only other place I found was El Camion out in Ballard. Chorizo and eggs is the way to go but they have others as well.

If you're looking for delicious authentic food stay away from the others.
The Dude beat me to it, but nothing can compare to El Camion's chorizo breakfast burrito. Anything else is vomitous in comparison.
Rusty Pelican in Wallingford
@33, 34, it saddens me that Bang Bang does not offer chorizo. It is a flaw. I will try El Camion and report back.
Wayward Cafe! so freakin' good!!!
Bang Bang's breakfast burrito is seriously the best! What's even BETTER is that they serve them ALL DAY LONG! I will never understand why most places decide that there is a law against cooking eggs after 10am.

Charlies on Broadway has a breakfast burrito, but it's definitely not up to NM standards. IIRC, the hashbrowns are even served on the side, for some unknowable reason.
Just had lunch at Bang Bang - their breakfast burrito is pretty fucking good.
I like the 5 Point, Vienna Mae Coffee and even PCC's breakfast burritos. AND I KNOW THERE ARE MORE.
Memos - in the U-District, or way the hell up on Aurora.

I like to think I am something of a credible taco-and-burrito snob, having done my time in Texas and California. There is something goddamn magical about Memos - and it may just be that the rest of our Seattle offerings are terrible.

But seriously. Memos. Open 24 hours, too. I know!
That does look delicious, but not particularly portable. Will they put it in foil with sides of chile if you get it to go?

(Also, omg, is the Casa D's in Bellevue the same as the one that used to be in Belltown? Because that place was awesome.)
What a strange coincidence. I was think this weekend why is that every restaurant in the town DOES seem to serve the same crappy breakfast burrito. Seriously.

The formula seems to be: Shove over cooked eggs, government surplus cheddar, and saw-dust sausage into a stale excuse for a tortilla and you got a "burrito."

It's formulated specifically so people can cram shit food into their gullets as quickly as possible so as to not delay their rapid acid reflux lifestyle for two seconds.
@43, I haven't asked but I imagine so--everyone who works there is very friendly and accommodating. (Their other, non-chile-slathered burritos are much more portable.)
Baja Bistro on Beacon Hill does one, also all kinds of other awesome Mexican breakfasts + Stumptown coffee.
if the owners are from new mexico they ought to know better--vegetarian sausage/jimmy dean sausage--come on. it's artery-clogging chorizo or (real) bacon or nothin' at all!
ditto nico's in tucson as the all time best ever/anywhere.
@41: I've also had a good (and vegetarian) breakfast burrito at the 5 Point. It's no Cafe Pasqual's, but it was good.

@43 - Yes, you can get it in foil to-go.

The vegan mac IS awesome (but I am vegan). So is the vegan BLT w/ avocado.
The "It's Da Bomb Breakfast Burrito" at Wild Mountain Cafe is pretty damn good (but I still prefer the "La Cabana").
Breakfast burritos are to authentic Mexican food as California Rolls are to sushi.
@ 51, authenticity is overrated and is not a legitimate measure of a restaurant's quality.
@51, What? Cuando usted era un nino, no trabajan afuero en la verano? Any agricultural community had a nice Mexicana lady prepairing back of the truck $2 breakfast burritos.

@52, Only a person who hasn't tasted a great authentic meal would say something like that. I'm guessing your idea of good Italian food is the pizza flavored hot pocket?

I think a new name needs to be given to Seattle restaurant breakfast burritos... how about Hipsterittos? I'm sure they are fine for what they are but comparing them to the real thing is just a shame.
@ 53, I eat at great, authentic Mexican restaurants all the time. Great, authentic Italian ones, too. And great, INauthentic ones as well. Good cooking doesn't require sticking to old formulas.

Sorry if calling you out on your pretentious opinion leaves you a little butthurt.
@54, Azteca and Olive Garden do not count as authentic… As I said, I'm sure the "INauthentic" foods people choke down are fine for what they are but there is a huge difference between eating authentic and not eating authentic. If liking your own culture’s food more than the bastardized versions of it is considered being pretentious than that is exactly what I am.

Oh, and “butthurt?” What kind of person still uses that term?
I wasn't talking about Azteca and Olive Garden.

You might be taken seriously if you didn't make assumptions. And sorry, did some silly person uniformly decide that butthurt was too 2010 or something? Didn't get the memo.
Cienna, it was jerky of me to point out the spelling mistake in the first place. I'm just happy to know there is actual Hatch green chile somewhere in my hometown because it's now part of my regular diet.

Thanks to this post, I now wish I could remember the name of the place in Albuquerque where I ate the best smothered burrito in existence while driving from Laramie to Phoenix. It would be worth a 9.5 hour drive.
Bang Bang has the best breakfast burritos around!!! And Yuki and Miki rock!
@57 Maybe it was the Frontier Restaurant Or Perea's? Both of those restaurants are my favorite breakfast in 'Buerque? Bang Bang does it pretty good. My only complaint is they don't offer western style hash browns ala The Frontier.
Yes, but I'm looking for something in an after-dinner burrito.
Someone said Roxy's in Fremont had a decent breakfast burrito, but that doesn't sound like such a great endorsement. Fortunately, since they're usually slammed on Sunday mornings anyway, go next door to Norm's (yeah, the dog-friendly, 40oz of PBR in sack bar). Their breakfast burrito made me start eating breakfast burritos.

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