After months of talk, today the Seattle City Council members voted unanimously to move controversial street food legislation out of the Built Environment committee. If passed by the full council, the measure would allow sidewalk food vendors and street truck vendors to set up in designated commercial districts throughout the city.

Before giving it the pass, though, council members Sally Clark, Sally Bagshaw, and Tim Burgess asked for a number of small tweaks to be made to the legislation. For instance, sidewalk vendors wouldn't be allowed to set up within 15-feet of businesses' entrance and exits (instead of 10 feet); No more than two food trucks would be allowed per street block; And all vendors would be required to notify property owners on both sides of the street block before setting up shop (instead of simply notifying businesses within 100 feet of their station). Setbacks from schools were also increased back to 1,000 feet (instead of the suggested 200 feet) after concerns raised from janitors, parents, and school officials.

The legislation is slated to go before the full council next Monday, July 18, for a vote.