Open for just three weeks, Pop Kitchen + Bar has already changed chefs. Executive chef Cameo McRoberts (who also recently worked very briefly at Little Water Cantina) and her sous chef Christopher Sprague are out; chefs Rebecca Cameron and Susanna Holt are in.

Cameron and Holt developed the menu and have been there since the beginning, Cameron said by phone. They've done "a lot of work for Cameron Reed at the corporate level"—Cameron Reed Concepts is the firm behind Pop Kitchen + Bar, which is a retooling of the long-departed (and unmissed) Revolution Bar & Grill at Experience Music Project. (Cameron did not indicate that whether she was or was related to the nominal Cameron of the company.)

Regarding the departed McRoberts and Sprague, Cameron said, "Initially, they were brought on to get the restaurant up and going. They did an excellent job."

Why the departure, then?

"It's hard having somebody else interpret your menu. It wasn't working. We appreciate all the work they did," Cameron said. She also said that rumors to the contrary, no other kitchen staff have left.

(I got put on hold midway through this call. The hold music: Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone." "How does it feel / How does it feel / To be on your own / With no direction home / Like a complete unknown...")

So would Cameron say the McRoberts and Sprague departure was a quitting or a firing or what?

"I'd say it was 'this wasn't working out,'" she said.

Cameron Reed Concepts is also responsible for the concepts Chandy’s Natural Cafe at Microsoft Commons and Soup’s On! downtown (their conceptual exclamation mark).