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@102 the same should apply to hairstyles (specifically some "black" hair styles that get the most crap). I understand the need to wear a certain type of clothes to work, but changing my haircut is a bit much.
@92: Okay, not a hole. An opening. That okay? Can I call it an opening? Or is that pussyphobic too? I can't call it a canal, cuz there's nothing there. But... an opening?

And, excuse me, but your holephobia offends me. Is there something wrong with holes? I'm fond of holes. And holes are necessarily smelly, you hole-ist bigot.

Hey, this batshit offense-taking stuff is fun!
"hole are NOT necessarily smelly."

See how much you offended me, Pussymonster? I'm so angry I can't type straight. Soon I'll typing in fingers.
Dan, what do you have against smelly holes? Now you hate smelly holes? Jeez, you're really on the hate train today aren't you :P
I am so pleased to see you express an opinion on this and enjoyed seeing comments form other readers. I recently posting my thoughts about excessive tattoos and piercings on my blg ( and expressed dismay not at the body art itself, but at feeling like an old foggy for the way these displays make me feel.

when i was 18 i got my nose pierced by this wizard-looking longhair/bearded man with checkerboard sleeves who had long stretched-out lobes.. maybe i am just horny as fuck or have an ear fetish or the pain was turning me on but the whole time i just wanted to tongue those lobes

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