I have gotten food poisoning from the Elysian was the Mac and Cheese
obviously not enough of a genius to know how to host a website
Swearengen: That kinda hurts. Its my first site in AWS and I didnt configure apache with a max instance. I put it on the larger clouds. It should be up.
Why can't we have them post this information at the restaurant like they do in New York? From "You could eat off the floor" to "You will probably throw up later."
Sort it out by top scores. You can see the worst restaurants in the region (100+ score). Only one is in the city.
Also, lol, Chinatown. And I say this as a Chinese person.
Nice work B...
Swearengen: I was about to make a comment about how easy it is to criticize things that others create in lieu of crating them yourself, but then I clicked on your profile and saw the thread of insightful comments you have left for others. Keep up the good work.

Dingerous rocks.
Damn, Shitty Market Deli is "spotless?" So glad to have some new ammo to defend against the Shitty Market Deli naysayers! Though I must say, I am both unsurprised and disappointed by In the Bowl's sad showing.
I like how if you zoom out, Mercer Island is labelled "East Seattle." I can see some shitfits by shitheads concerned about rebranding and property values...
Ok, seriously, this rocks. No more chow and hurl!
@10, MI used to be called "East Seattle" if I recall correctly -- not the whole thing, just the cluster around where the ferry used to land. It was the original business district, though of course it's mostly mega-houses now.

Personally I believe that if you don't occasionally eat at a non-compliant restaurant you lose immunity to the bad stuff. If you don't push your luck a little, you'll never get anywhere.

Plus, of course, food inspection is just rank soshalism, the kind of intrusive big-government regulation that is ruining America. Those closed-down restaurants create jobs, you know, not just by hiring staff but by killing off their weaker patrons, leaving their jobs open.
My only complaint is in some cases the balloons don't really line up with restaurant locations. In dense areas, like the U District, that can make it hard to figure out which balloons correspond with which restaurants.
@13: First, all you have to do is zoom in and you'll see the locations are pretty much spot on (assuming the addresses are entered correctly in the database).

Second, you can mouse over the icon to get the restaurant name and score, or click on it to get detailed info.

This is all standard Google maps behavior. Nice job, dinegerous.
@5: Can you explain how you came up with this? Because I see a whole lot of restaurants in the city with very high scores.
@15, he said "100+ score". There's a slider on the top of the map. The red markers in the map are for 46+, which is bad but not closeably bad. A restaurant has to score 90 or more to be closed (or 120 if less serious "blue" violations are counted).

There are actually three restaurants scoring 90+ in the City of Seattle, but none of them met the combined 90-red or 120-red+blue criteria to be shut. The only restaurants that do are "Spiced", in Bellevue, and Victoria Taqueria in Renton Highlands.
Damn... Tamarind Tree! :)
@16: Thanks for the explanation.

Not sure @5 should be feeling all smug, though. Plenty of those in-city scores (and descriptions) were enough to make my stomach queasy.
Hm. Should I be concerned if a place has no score shown? Does that mean it's not being inspected?
Oops, never mind, I found the places I was concerned about. Their bubbles were just a half block away from the building they're in.
Orv: try looking them up on the actual search page:…
I can't afford restaurants. But the Elysian Brew co. is just a block from me. I see the place is always full so it shocks me it is rated so badly.
It looks like a good start now that the site is up again. This would be very useful as a mobile app *winkwink*
Not surprising at all about The Elysian. The food there is disgusting. What a shame since the beer is pretty delicious. I always hoped that place would step up its food game.
Holee Sheet- Bastille 65!
Oddfellows at 40. I'm not eating there anymore.
Belltown restaurants are surprisingly sanitary. Nothing in the neighborhood is even in the "danger" category.
Kingfish? Seriously? That just ruined my day.
I did a public data request about a year and a half ago and wrote this viz using Tableau Software, you can see it here:…

It's an interactive viz which accurately shows the violation point scheme according to the King County guidelines. No geocoding, but instead I focused on accuracy and temporal/timelines.

Of analytic note is that of the thousands upon thousands of inspections over a five year time period, only a few select places ever had to close down.
This is seriously awesome - thanks, dingerous! I also love the little tracker line that shows their score history, that is important to know.

Also, DAMN JAPONESSA! We love to hit the museum and go for sushi, but improper cooling is a serious issue with raw fish.... ~sigh~ the more you know....
Thanks so much for putting this together! I use it regularly. And, wow! there are some surprises!

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