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Canon: Cocktail Paradise


Don't think that is Jerry Thomas on the bar, but Harry Johnson's bartenders guide.
I believe that the book that is on the bar is Harry Johnson's guide, not the Jerry Thomas guide.

I'm glad that Boudreau has changed his stance on vodka. While I agree that there are better choices of spirit, if he is in the hospitality industry, he needs to gently educate folks into better booze, not go all elitest on them.
@Znachki: How right you are, DAMMIT—I even wrote it down correctly, but then I was looking on the internet at old-timey bar guides and got mixed up. Fixed, with apologies, especially to Jamie Boudreau, who I believe considers Jerry Thomas a pretender to the bartenders' guide throne.
I saw two books on the bar....

In one book is also a section on Invalid cocktails, I believe for people on the mend
vs. cocktails that are not valid.

If mystified at the wealth of selection, tell him what you want and be prepared to go through a few to find the elixir of your dreams.

I suggest a Brooklyn, or perhaps a Liberal,
rye drinks both with a special ingredient found at only the best establishments.

That's got to be Freudian. You wrote down Harry Johnson and forget that dick's name? Are you sure it wasn't Fuzzy Asscrack's Bartender's Guide or Halotta Vagina's Bartender's Guide?
@bjc - That's OK. I'd just put it down to *really* enjoying Jamie's cocktails....

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