Capitol Hill Seattle says that after more than 18 years, Charles Mudede's old favorite the Rosebud is closing on Sunday (as does the place's Facebook). Charles opines that since the Rosebud changed ownership not long ago and everybody's favorite bartender Robert left, this was inevitable. But still, he says, it is very sad.

The Rosebud owners "plan to relocate to a new venue just a few blocks from this location," even though a dispute over back rent was an issue at the current location.

(Has anyone seen Robert?) UPDATE! Darling Adrian Ryan says "robert is at Olympic Pizza [that is, The Bar at Olympia Pizza] on 15th I think. And everyone should celebrate/mourn on Thursday at The Vaudvillians! I am." UPDATE UPDATE! The people at Olympia Pizza say no Robert. Adrian Ryan apologizes for his faulty brain.

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