Not to be economically morbid, but for the first time in the history of The Stranger’s record-keeping, Seattle restaurant and bar closures have outstripped openings. (Record-keeping here only extends back a couple years, but still…) So, RIP:


· THE ROSEBUD on Capitol Hill: After almost two decades, the Rosebud is gone after a dispute over unpaid rent. Charles Mudede opines that since the place changed ownership not long ago and everybody’s favorite bartender Robert left, this was inevitable. But still, he says, it is very sad. Supposedly the Rosebud will “relocate to a new venue just a few blocks from this location.” Slog readers, note: Robert is not working at The Bar at Olympia Pizza on 15th, despite what Adrian Ryan said.

· TIGER LOUNGE in Georgetown: Tipster Mack says, “There is an official-looking piece of paper posted on the front door, but I didn’t jump the fence to read it… a note posted on the fence says ‘closed forever,’ with a promise they will open a new bar somewhere else.” No further information is unearthable at this time.

· BLEU BISTRO on Capitol Hill: After what sounds like lots of back-and-forth with the landlord (“It was complicated,” they said by phone), the original Bleu Bistro is closed forever. But! Fans of the veggie BLT only have to walk about 44 steps to the new(ish) Bleu Bistro Grotto, across from the Four Seasons Cleaner where that Quizno’s used to be. “It does not feel like a Quizno’s,” Ross the owner reports, so that’s good.

Moshi Moshi: still open! Still has tree!
  • Moshi Moshi: still open! Still has tree!

· HARLOW’S SALOON in Ballard: Open only since the beginning of the year, the owner of Harlow’s said that they just weren’t making enough money. Marti Jonjak says, “BUMMER! The place was gorgeous. I loved being there.” The owner still operates nearby Moshi Moshi Sushi—and it still has a big LED-illuminated cherry tree.

· THE BUCK on Capitol Hill: According to Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, owner Ross (same as Bleu Bistro Grotto) has sold his virulently western-themed bar and it will become a probably less virulently western-themed bar called Montana. Will the scary mannequin still be in that one bathroom???

· NETTLETOWN on Eastlake: Proprietress/chef Christina Choi took over the lease on the Eastlake strip-mall space from Matt Dillon at Sitka & Spruce when it moved up to Capitol Hill—she has indicated that it all happened really fast, and that running a restaurant was kind of a pain in the ass (though not in so many words). She’s going to concentrate on catering. The space will become Blind Pig Bistro from Charles Walpole (Anchovies & Olives, Marjorie), per Eater Seattle.

· ARTID SIAM THAI on Capitol Hill: It lasted only four months. The owner told Capitol Hill Seattle Blog that “People liked the food, but there weren’t enough customers”—possibly the same story as with the two other Thai places before it, Chili Basil and Jup Jup Jup. The owner further told CHS he didn’t know what was coming next, but that “I don’t think it can be a restaurant.”

· TIDBIT BISTRO on Capitol Hill: Its closure comes barely a year after relocating from the current Easy Joe’s spot down toward Roanoke. Drinks for $1 at happy hour (ONE DOLLAR DRINKS) apparently did not help. It's rumored a new restaurant will try the space again—after Tidbit, Vi Bacchus, the old La Spiga, and maybe something else? They should talk to Artid Siam’s owner.

· VERVE in Columbia City: The neighborhood’s first wine bar lost its lease; they’re looking for a new space, but not optimistic about finding one in Columbia City.

· IPANEMA GRILL downtown: It was supposed to reopen “soon” after new management did some “updating,” but according to former sister location Amazon Grill in Bellevue, that deal fell through and the space is for lease.

· BELLA DOLCE in Madison Valley: Maybe it was too close (geographically) to the Essential Baking Co. and Ines Patisserie?

· MELT CAFE in Magnolia: Melted, maybe?

Thank you to trusty Chow intern Christina Spittler for fact-finding and etc.!

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