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[Insert Pun About Spirits Here]

Do not deny its existence. Kelly O


Ghost stories are supposed to be scary. These are tedious and boring. In these vignettes, the ghost are cliche'd specters. If I was as boring as these ghosts, I would remain invisible most of the time as well.
I like these stories! Glad you included Dante's. I was there once on a quiet afternoon plugging songs into the jukebox. I clearly heard someone walking up the stairs behind me. I turned around thinking it was the bartender, but when I looked, NO ONE WAS THERE!!!
Nice. CHAPEL would have been a good one. That old funeral home or whatever is definitely haunted. Ax somebody
Wait is Chapel closed? Either way, that shit is still haunted
@3/4: Chapel closed quite a while back, but check this out—scaaaaaary!…
I eat at the Orient Express at least 3 times a week. Never knew this. But that would explain why the bar area is always cold... that or the insulation is terrible.
fell asleep before the last one. Maybe a real writer could spice these up.
@5 - I hear that neighborhood is haunted by the ghost of Chapel.
There is a ghost in the Olympic Hotel. A very level-headed former co-worker there had the bejesus scared out of her by it. It also freaked out one of my customers. The worst thing it ever did to me was knock down a bunch of AV equipment in the ballroom when I was working an overnight shift.
Oh man, all this anecdotal, eye-witness evidence has totally convinced me!
@1 Ghost stories aren't supposed to be scary. That's Hollywood, not most 'real' ghost stories.
That's a great photo, Kelly O!
What is the best "haunted" bar to visit on Halloween?

Or what places do you suggest going out for a drink on a Monday night ... LOL.
I cooked at Andy's Diner/Orient Express for a few months in 2000. While I don't recall any ghost stories, the place certainly has the right atmosphere for a haunted restaurant.
The world would be an even more interesting place if ghosts were real but alas, they are not. That's why they named the show "Ghost Hunters" rather than "Ghost Finders".
@11 The most frightening thing churned out by Hollywood right now is reality television.
Pike Place Market has so many ghosts.
Spooked in Seattle Tours has a Haunted Pub tour. Check it out
I was at The Deluxe at around 11pm on New Year's Eve, I was sitting at the table right at the end of the bar. I had one drink and my boyfriend had one drink. No water glasses on the table, no spills...just our empty glasses, an ashtray and our bill. Our ashtray quickly moved across the table about 15" and then stopped. It freaked me out. I've lived on the hill for about 20 years and that's when Larry the manager told me about the little boy. Saw it with my own (sober) eyes people. Cool experience.
Anybody know any history of the Central Saloon downtown?? I need to get some answers, thanks, linberd

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